21st Birthday Messages to My Son

2020 Best Happy 21st Birthday Messages to My Son

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Children are the heritage of God. It is an additional blessing when they become adults.

It is the joy of a mother to watch her son grow into becoming an adult; to witness his transformation and share in his celebration.

You have a son who has just turned 18 or 21 as the case may be, and you want to pour down a million advice, yet celebrate him; tell him how much you love and care so much but don’t know how to go about it.

Well! Some messages have been composed to help you through below:

The best collection of Happy 21st Birthday Messages to Your 21 Year Old Son.

21st Birthday Messages to My Son

1. Happy 21st birthday son;
The first 21 years of your life had been milk and honey;
The next 21 years won’t be,
Take your time to make decisions right and good luck.

2. Life is honey, life is bitter;
Life is fun, life is sorrow;
Life is witty, life is all you want it to be.
Happy adult entry son. I love you.

3. Happy birthday, honey.
Now you can do whatever you wish to do coz mummy is not going to stop you.
Only do the right thing son and you won’t regret it.

4. May you find life, joy, peace and pleasant memories to encourage you on this adult voyage. Happy 21st birthday son.

5. I am sorry that I won’t be present to celebrate with you.
But trust me, I’ll always be there in your biggest challenges.
Happy 21 years to you, son.

6. I love you with all my heart.
Now here some wishes for you on this emersion into adulthood.
You will find love, care and support at every point in your life dear.
Happy birthday.

7. For us who have been on this journey for long, it has not been easy I must say.
For you however who is just starting, it would be fun.
But fasten your seatbelts now coz your life is just about to have a new turn.
Happy birthday, son.

8. How my heart gladdens to know that today, you will be entering another phase of life.
I love you honey and you have all my support.
Happy birthday dear son.

9. How fast life grows.
Only yesterday I carried you in my arms, watched you cry, laugh and play.
Today and forever, I’ll watch you take life seriously.
Happy birthday son and welcome to the world of adults.

10. I am so proud of the man you are becoming today,
So strong, daring and powerful.
Go ahead in this might and conquer dear. Happy birthday to you son.

21st Birthday Messages for Son

11. Out there, you will never know what life is about to give.
But brace up to the worst, and expect the best dear.
Happy birthday.

12. My baby boys become a man today.
That’s it, son, time to make your own bed and lay,
Time to make your own money and be,
Time to live and let live.
Happy birthday, sweetie and mom love you.

13. And someone’s no longer a kiddo.
Welcome on board to the world of adults son.
I must tell you it comes with a whole lot of responsibilities,
But hey! Youll always be my kiddo so you have my full support.
Happy birthday, dear.

14. Today you’re 21;
An official age for maturity.
I have given you the rules and principles.
I have guided you right.
So good luck. And happy birthday son.

15. It is a day of joy;
And yet, a day of sorrow.
I can no longer treat you like a baby anymore.
You make your decisions henceforth without restrictions.
Happy birthday, honey.

16. I have always been there for you from the very start honey,
I’m here for you today and I’ll always be here for you until tomorrow even though you’re 21 today. Happy birthday, son.

17. The heart of a mother will always reach out to her son no matter where life throws him,
You are 21-today dearie
And wherever you choose to go, my heart will always follow and lead you.
Happy birthday to you, son.

18. Alright hunnay, fasten your seatbelt,
Coz life is about to throw you into the blue sea.
It is going to be rough all the way but trust your sight to lead you.
Happy birthday, dear.

19. Happy birthday my sweet little man.
I’ll tell you something,
Expect life to be very unjust and unfair;
Expect it to be rough and edgy and you’ll never be disappointed.
Happy birthday again.

20. I have nurtured and fed you with milk that your teeth is now extremely strong.
Today you will eat bone and eat bones forever.
Use wisely those teeth to make it.
Happy birthday, son.

Birthday Message for Son Turning 21

21. Today you are happy; tomorrow you might be sad,
Today you are celebrating; tomorrow you might be crying.
That’s the world of adults for son. Welcome onboard and happy birthday dear.

22. Never let go in times when the storm will rise;
Never say never when you have to keep going.
Life is like that but victory comes when you face those storms.
These are some words to guide you in your new age.
I love you son and happy merry birthday to you.

23. Today I remember all the night I cared for you from infant.
How I dressed, cared, protected, and defended you.
Today you are a man to shoulder responsibilities.
I pray that you find love that would take care of you the way I did.
Happy birthday, son and mom will never stop loving you.

24. Happy birthday, son!
Here’s one thing I will say:
Live every moment of your life in your decisions and not anybody’s;
In all choose to be happy no matter what.
I love you and I know you can do it.

25. How time rapidly passes away son,
I know it is time to let you live your life.
Yet, I will always be here for you if you need anything.
Happy birthday as my blessings go ahead of you to light your path.

26. Get out there and conquer son.
I love you so much and will always be here for you.
Your Dad says Hi
Happy birthday my baby boy.

27. I may not have been the best mom ever.
But I cherish every moment I took care of you and scolded you.
You mean the world to me son; so go ahead and conquer the world.
I love you and wish the best for you.
Happy 21-year-old honey.

28. I’m so proud of you darling.
You have been doing great and today that you are 21, I know I can trust you.
Happy birthday, dearest.

29. It is a year to pop champagne, party and celebrate your adulthood.
Celebrate it now coz you’ll look back to see how far you’ve come.
Happy birthday, son.

30. Wake up, son! It is six O’Clock.
Start getting ready coz I’m coming to pick you to show you the world.
Happy birthday son and welcome to the routine of adults.

21st Birthday Son Messages

31. Hey! Let me remind you that just because you are of legal age does not mean you’re still not my little boy. The only thing is that you will be making your own decisions by yourself henceforth. I love you son, and Happy birthday.

32. Happy twenty-one-year-old son.
Now, you’ll have to start paying for even the food I give you.
So get out there and make the money. Happy birthday once again.

33. On this very day son,
I wish that you live your life to the fullest;
That you always find something to geek about;
That you find love and fulfilment
Happy birthday, dearest. I love you.

34. Last night, I cried all the way to sleep with the thoughts that today,
My baby boy would be a man.
I pray for strength for you to face the real world,
And love to guide your feet. Happy birthday, son.

35. Happy birthday, son,
Just know that I love you for the brave little boy you’ve always been;
And will also love you for the incredible, strong and courageous man you’ve become.

36. Get out to the world there and conquer son.
I love you so much and will always be there for you.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

37. You’ve always dreamt to reach the top of the world;
To see the sky and touch the heavens.
I pray that today and always, God gives you the strength to drive your passion to its peak.
Happy 21 year old my baby man.

38. The next 21 years of your life will be fun, exciting and challenging.
You will ride horses and you will walk on foot.
Yet all is but an adventure;
Life is an adventure son.
Happy birthday to you.

39. Today I fear for your son, and yet I’m happy for you.
Just know that no matter what life throws at you In this new phase of your life,
Trust your instincts to lead you right coz I may always be there.
I love you son and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

40. Never cease soaring strong;
Never stop dreaming;
Never stop driving your passion;
Never stop making us proud.
I love you son and will always be there if you need anything in this your new phase.
Happy birthday.

Message to My Son on His 21st Birthday

41. You see, the days when I baked cake and light all the candles for you are gone.
The days when I fed you, defended you and bailed you out are also gone.
Today you’re a man. You will bail yourself;
You will defend yourself and shoulder responsibilities.
Happy birthday dear son.

42. God has given me wonderful boy who has grown so much that he is a man now.
I am so proud of you honey. Continue to do us proud.
I love you and happy birthday dear.

43. Always remember that you are stronger and braver than you could think dear.
So go and conquer the world today.
Happy 21st year birthday.

44. You are the first thing that comes to my mind in the morning;
And the last thing item I pray for at night.
I love you more than you can ever think of son.
Happy birthday to you.

45. You only get better with age.
Yesterday you were a teenager,
Today you are an adult,
Tomorrow you’ll be a father.
Happy birthday son as you journey on a world of everyday life tasks.

46. I’m not sure you’re ready for this new phase of essence yet.
But don’t worry son, I’ll be here to always give you the love and support you need.
Happy 21st birthday son.

47. You are smart, you are strong;
You are fearless, you are brave.
Take this along into your new age and maturity son.
I love you and do care a lot.

48. I do not regret having you as a son at a tender age dear,
Right from the time you were conceived.
I had the chance to do away with you but I couldn’t.
Today I am so proud that you are now a man.
Happy birthday, dearest. Mom loves you.

49. Enjoy this birthday son because after this twenty-one,
There will be no other twenty-one to celebrate.
Life moves on hard this time dear. Happy birthday.

50. So today you hit another milestone.
The first twenty-one shots of your life were on me,
The next twenty-one will be on you. Have fun as you explore and discover yourself, dear.
Happy birthday, son.

Happy 21st Birthday Messages Son

51. Watching you grow, talk, laugh, cry, sleep, and learn has been the most amazing thing.
Today I will watch you climb, run, roar, explore and take territories.
Happy birthday son and good luck.

52. All these years I have nurtured you and watched you grow.
Today again, I will witness another phase of you and watch you take authority.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

53. I thought all day what text to send you son coz truly,
I don’t have the slightest clue what best to send.
You have been an amazing child and today, you’ll be an incredible man.
Just go ahead and make waves son. Happy birthday.

54. When you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow;
to make decisions yourself and go all the places that tickled your fancy.
Well, today you are an adult and you’re free.
Now you will know for yourself why you’ve truly been restricted.
Happy birthday, son.

55. Mom will always love you dearest one.
On the journey of life, there’s plenty of obstacles.
Only the wise and strong can live it well. Stay strong son and happy birthday.

56. It is exactly two days from your birthday son.
My heart is heavy that you are going to be a man soon.
Though I may not always be there, mom wants you to be strong and do exploit son.
Happy birthday.

57. It hurts so much that I will not be there to welcome and celebrate your adulthood.
But you will always be my baby forever son.
Someday, you’ll realize why some days had to be like this.
Happy birthday, dearest.

58. So you’re twenty-one today hun.
I love you so much, dear. And though I may not be present to celebrate with you,
Brace up and accept life is independent.
Happy birthday, son.

59. You only become twenty-one once,
And then you just keep climbing the ladder.
The older you become, the greater the responsibilities.
Happy birthday dearest and welcome onboard.

60. If wishes were horses, men would ride.
But they aren’t son. You just have to work to achieve wishes.
Happy birthday dear and age with too much grace.

Birthday Message for 21 Year Old Son

61. Congratulations son! You ‘re twenty-one now.
Just off the hook. Celebrate and celebrate son coz tomorrows going to be work and work.
Happy birthday, dear.

62. Sweetie, I can’t always be there and you know that.
It is time to start being an independent son.
Happy birthday.

63. You know, today you are now an adult,
The time will keep running and things will keep changing.
The earlier you know it the better. Happy birthday, son.

64. Today you are young and strong;
Tomorrow you’ll become old and feeble. So use your strength now honey and make the right decisions. I love you and Happy Birthday dear.

65. You’ve come a long way now honey,
Just too long enough to quit. You are adult today and I know it is going to be hard on you the next coming years. But be a strong son, because momma loves you. Happy birthday.

66. It is a blessing to be an adult.
Yet at some point in life, you’ll Just wish to go back to being a boy.
Just keep on dear, I’m with you. Happy birthday.

67. I pray that the Lord equips you with strength as you embark on this journey of life.
Never quit son even when the going gets tough.
I love you and happy birthday.

68. Hey dear! What are you doing right now,
Get up and go pick your car key on the dining table.
That’s for you being an adult today.
Happy birthday, son. Mom loves you.

69. The gate of maturity is where you stand right now.
It represents task performing with deadlines. There are also privileges you know.
Welcome onboard son, and happy birthday.

70. Freedom comes with a lot of expectations and caution.
Go extreme when necessary and stand low when you have to.
Happy 21st birthday son. I love you.

21st Birthday Message to Son

71. It doesn’t matter how old you’ve become now;
Looking after you will always be my responsibility son.
So embrace yourself to still be stalked even at 21.
Happy birthday, dear.

72. See how far you have come, son.
The long cherished freedom is finally here.
Don’t worry, you’ll come running back to me for trial again.
Happy birthday.

73. I have learnt many lessons from life itself and so will you son.
In all, I pray you become the better version of me dear as I welcome you to a life of dependability. Happy birthday.

74. Only yesterday you complained so much about my interrupting your moments.
Today you are free. But someday, you will complain about me not being there for you always as well. Happy birthday, dear.

75. Wishing you nothing but the very best on this your 21st birthday son.
There are many things I wish I could tell you right now about life but I can’t,
I love you son and happy birthday dear.

76. It is a privileged son to be able to reach this age.
I pray that you learn all that life would present for you.
Happy birthday, dearest.

77. Being 21 today doesn’t mean you will stop laughing, stop joking or perform some silly games;
It only means you’re in for more than that in life.
Happy birthday dearie

78. Look, dear, what you are about to come across.
I will tell you truly that the journeys going to be rough on both sides.
So have now and today to ease off. Happy birthday, son.

79. Maturity comes with experience my dear;
That you are twenty-one is only an official documented date for maturity.
But you are already to me. So happy birthday dear.

80. This day it is all about you.
May the sun never ceases to lighten your day;
May the moon also never cease to brighten your nights.
Happy birthday, dearie.

81. Words are not enough to convey the emotions of a mother towards her son.
But today honey, I only wish you heavens best as you journey onward.
Happy birthday, dear.

82. On your pursuit of destiny and chasing dreams;
Let the years of teaching you values and principles guide you,
Let grace and favour bail you out.
Happy 21st birthday son.

83. You are intelligent, you are adorable;
You have grown to become the most amazing man I have come across.
Go ahead son, and let the world see your light. Happy 21st birthday dear.

84. Behind the unseen is a veil covering
Behind the boy is a man.
I have watched you grow and I’ll still be watching you excel.
Happy birthday, son.

85. Never forget this son, blow your trumpet when necessary.
Raise an alarm when necessary. But never stay in the tide for too long.
Happy birthday, sweetie.

86. The advice of people are most valuable at this time of your life dear son,
But never cease to believe in yourself.
Remember you are great, you only need their opinions to guide you.
Keep people with great minds dear and the sky will be your beginning.
Happy birthday, son.

87. People live and let live.
Life is too short to be unhappy.
Therefore make the most of it now dear and be clever enough to harness opportunities.
Happy 21st birthday dear.

88. You see, age is no longer just a number. A fool at forty will remain a fool forever. It is time to start laying your bed well son. Life is a do-it-on-your-own honey. So brace up to hope for the best and expect the worst. Happy birthday, dear.

89. Happy birthday to my most charming prince who should be a king soon.
I wish you all of heavens wishes son. Happy 21st birthday and mom loves you.

90. Baby, I have watched to grow and nurtured you from the very beginning;
I already know you are a star, so get out there and do me proud today.
Happy birthday today son.

91. I was the one who watched your back all these past twenty years son,
Today and forever, you will be the one to watch mine, and take me when I become old and feeble. Happy 21st birthday dearest son.

92. All these years I have bared you on eagles wings. Sadly I can no longer do that because you are now a man. Happy birthday, dear. I love you.

93. All these time I never realized my baby boy has so grown to become this handsome and incredible. Happy birthday, son and mom love you.

94. You are amazing so just the way you are. Never let anyone tell you otherwise so. I love you and will always be there for you. Happy birthday, son.

95. You are a star dear. If you can envision it, you can become it. Happy birthday, son.

96. I pray that as you begin this journey of life in this your new age, God’s favour will always be there to lighten the way. Happy birthday, son.

97. Quitters are never winners dearie.
You can do this, I know because I raised you. Happy 21st birthday to you, son.

98. On this your 21st birthday son,
I pray that the Lord strengthens and guide you.
Above all, May his favour cause you to flourish. Happy 21st birthday, son.

99. You are right-hand man now,
My pride, my success. Happy 21st birthday son as you, enter being an adult.

100. And who said my baby boy was not going to be a man someday.
Today you are 21 and you’re now an adult. Happy birthday dearest son.

Written By Awoh Daniela.

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