21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

100 Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female or Male in 2020

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Precious memories of wonderful moments occur in one’s life which can never be forgotten. It comes once in a lifetime and they set the landmark to a new world. These occurrences could be a sign of ‘growing old’ or ‘unique achievements’.

One of those transcending events which point the arrow to the future is the 21st birthday. It is one of those stages which welcomes a teenager to adulthood, it widens the horizon of thinking and takes them to a realm of many possibilities.

These moments are full of fun and at the same time where decisions should be weighed because any decision made, could make or stand against you for a lifetime. It is, however, a hard time merging into a “new world” which ushers in pride, privileges, joy, inspirations and real assurance of what’s next.

I have observed many young adults celebrate with lots of fun, elaborate parties and rock the night with friends. Well, make that fun, but if there’s any period to discover and look forward to greater days, it’s the 21st birthday.

It is one of it’s kind, so celebrate with that friend so dear in a grand style. Perhaps you have that friend who just hit the line or approaching the gates of adulthood and you want a special way to wish them a happy 21st birthday or tell them what the age 21 has in store.

Here are 100 ways to wish a best friend Happy 21st birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Wish your best friend Happy 21st Birthday as he or she clocked 21 years of age today with the following Touching 21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes for My Friend.

1. I pray for you dear friend that this your 21st birthday will lay foundations of sweet memories for you forever. Enjoy the new adventure.
Happy 21st birthday.

2. As the tides swiftly take you on an adventurous trip of life and you feel the cool wind. I pray your dreams, hopes and vision spark as fire. For if you believe, you’ll achieve. Soar high dearest friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

3. To this wonderful friend I’ve taken as a role model, happy twenty-first birthday. For showing me the paths of goodness and setting the pace to greatness, I appreciate you today and always. Have a cheerful 21st birthday dearest.

4. Before you clocked this era of liberty, you always hide to have fun and express your feelings. Now, no more hiding. I welcome you to a 21st of exposure, expression and open fun.
Have a blast 21st birthday.

5. Life is filled with lots of rising and falling and no matter where it takes you, never give up. If you have fallen even for 20times, now, you’ll rise 21times for it’s a step to greatness. With love, I want to say.
Happy 21st birthday dearie.

6. I know you for a lot of things, but this one thing I’ll always want is having fun with you. Let me fill your day with rocking music and great fun. Cheers!
Happy twenty-first birthday buddy.

7. Life has just landed you in it’s fun, cheer up and be brave. You’re 21 and you’re the best, my friend.
Enjoy this lovely era. Happy 21st birthday.

8. I’m so glad you made it here, into the world where adulthood stares you right at the face. The time where you can finally explore those burning ideas, think crazily and be independent. It’s because you’re 21. Start strong friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

9. It’s yet another height in your life and I congratulate you. This ride you have taken on from 21, I pray will land you to your desired destination. Enjoy this moment. I love you.
Happy 21st birthday.

10. This age you’ve attained, 21, is not just a number but one of the unique age. You ask why? At this stage, you lay a foundation for your dreams, give chances to corrections so as to learn lessons about life challenges which would establish and grant you that wonderful life you desire.
Happy 21st birthday.

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21st Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Your friend is plus one today, let him or her feel, how happy you are to celebrate with him. With the following Cute 21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Friends form the heart.

11. You’ve crossed so many ages getting to this 21st stage, never forget this note of love dear friend. No age determines or gives you the experience on how to enjoy happiness in life. Have a fun-filled day.
Happy 21st birthday.

12. Happy birthday to one person I’ll want to be with on this ride of life. I pray for greater years of fun with you and evergreen memories of Joy together.
Enjoy this unique day and I wish you the 21st birthday of blessings.

13. Today, I sit back and imagine how far you’ve made it. It gladdens my heart to see that you’ve grown to be this spark of greatness to me, fearless and real. I’m proud to have you as my friend. Even at 21, you’ve transformed so beautifully and I know you’ll scale through other years with grace.
Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

14. Those younger ages of fear and stupidity are gone. Now you’re 21, I can boldly say, you grew wiser and stronger beyond my imagination. I want to stay with you till old days come.
Happy 21st birthday, great friend.

15. I count myself blessed for my eye to see the day you clocked 21. I feel greatly honoured being with you through the tussle of time and into this realm of your 21st chapter, I wish you from my heart that as your writing begins on a new page, you’ll be a great success in life.
Happy 21st birthday with love.

16. Something’s giving the town that sparkling feel and it’s your 21st birthday. May you start and end this phase of your life victoriously.
Happy 21st birthday. I love you, friend.

17. If I ask for a blessing, it’s that I want to see you fulfil and achieve your dreams as you grow older. Now you’re 21, I can now say, friend, step in and make the best of the world’s gift!
Happy 21st birthday, sweetie.

18. From my heart, I pray that the restless waves of the water take you and settle you with the best people in life who will make your existence beautiful, brilliant and colourful. As you’ve clocked 21, may your life flourish with never-ceasing Grace.
Happy 21st birthday, dear friend.

19. I pray you’ll have everything that would make your experience in life worthwhile and may your life continue to be meaningful from 21 to forever.
Happy 21st birthday, dearest friend.

20. Make that dream come true! It’s time and never let the opportunity pass you by. Persistence should be your watchword. No matter what stones are thrown on your way, never lose focus. It’s your 21st birthday. Make it happen and I’ll be there to cheer you.
Happy 21st birthday.

Best Friend 21st Birthday

Here is the Best 21st Birthday for a friend, you can use to wish your friend a happy birthday. All you need to do is to copy and Paste but don’t forget to send it to him or her.

21. I’m your friend and I’ll stay with you no matter the task. As you take decisions or embark on this journey today, never forget you have a friend who cares before 21 or after. I’ll always love you.
Happy 21st birthday.

22. You just reached the 21st step and you don’t look like one. I look forward to seeing you achieve those things you aimed for. Continue to flourish young dear friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

23. No more bounds or limit but liberty. Nothing can hereby hold you to the heights you aim to attain, building the world the best place to relax and telling people your success story. As you take the wheel on this 21st ride, I pray you drive safe.
Happy 21st birthday to greatness.

24. Those times I had to monitor your every move and check that friendship but now it’s over. I don’t have to worry because right now I believe this 21st path would lead you down the path of wisdom.
Happy 21st birthday.

25. This road you’ve embarked on is occupied with lots of interesting experience and unforgettable memories. Now it’s the time! Make them useful and enjoyable. Enjoy to the fullest friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

26. As you grow older, from today set the goals to your success and focus on achieving them never minding those obstacles of failure. I pray you flourish in all areas of your life. It’s certain you’re 21, friend. All the best. Happy 21st birthday.

27. Today, you’re opportune to be 21 and not 12. Many sought to celebrate today but the opportunity drowned. Therefore dearest friend, be happy and proud of yourself. Enjoy life’s best package to you.
Happy 21st birthday.

28. I’ll say you are not old and at the same time, you’re not young. You just found yourself on that spot of rising higher and you’re 21. Remain blessed and stronger friend to enjoy your new world.
Happy 21st birthday.

29. Once, you were 20, now you’re 21 years. It’s just plus one added and it still looks no different to me. Those times we play, make mistakes and take a risk like the year’s going to end. May our friendship survive till the end.
Buddy! Happy 21st birthday.

30. I just imagined how I first met you and my heart leapt for joy when you told me your name.
I feel blessed to witness this beautiful day you’ve taken a trip to adulthood. From 21 henceforth, I pray to experience everlasting joy with you.
Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Best Friend

The sweetness of friendship is expressed, is how well you celebrate one another. Here are Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends from the heart you can use to celebrate your friend.

31. I welcome you to this world of great mystery where happiness overwhelms, sadness depresses, craziness like a whirlwind and the mind sometimes restless. For as you begin your 21years of sailing, you’ll never get drifted away.
Happy 21st birthday.

32. Those days when our nights flooded with restless sleep are gone. Dear friend, I now welcome you to a bigger world where you’ll learn and corporate perfectly. I wish you the very best as you’re nurtured in this new world.
Happy 21st birthday.

33. May heaven gates be opened to all your prayers and wishes as you run the race in a new society filled with competitors, good life and lovely trips. You’re 21, take strength and more blessings along. Have a safe 21st trip.
Happy 21st birthday.

34. Let me make this your 21st birthday a remembrance of my existence because I cherish you always, lovely friend. Excel as you ride.
Happy 21st birthday sweetest.

35. As you’ve gained liberty, I pray you use it wisely and discover that treasure that would sky-rocket you to your glory. Have the best of the fun of your 21st birthday.
Happy 21st birthday.

36. Today, if you take a look at yourself, you’ll be grateful for life. I know you’ve been making the best out of life since you were young but as you soar from 21 upwards, I pray your success never cease.
Happy 21st birthday my friend.

37. At this juncture, your liberty gives you that edge to live your life the way you want it, but one thing dear friend, be watchful as you run the race. Focus on your prize and never let your focus down. I’ll always be there for you.
Happy 21st birthday dearest.

38. Even if you grow taller than me, it won’t change this bond of friendship we share though I know your attitude portray traits of recklessness, but for the sake of your new age, tread carefully to avoid getting hurt. I care for you always.
Happy 21st birthday.

39. You’ve grown to be that attractive young personality the world calls “The Best”. Now you’ve hit the number 21, it swells me within because I feel so proud having you as a dear friend. You mean so much to me.
Happy 21st birthday.

40. As a friend, I can’t let this day which means a lot to me go wasted. Have fun my dearest as I give a big shout out to the world. Let them know I have the best of friends in the universe and know that, it’s the 21st birthday. I celebrate you, darling friend. Cheers!
Happy 21st birthday. Love you loads.

21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

The sweetness of friendship is expressed, is how well you celebrate one another. Here are Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Female Friend from the heart you can use to celebrate your friend.

41. It’s so amazing you’re turning 21 today. I remember from childhood how we started our friendship. I hope you experience the best and nothing less.
Happy 21st birthday dear.

42. No gift is worth compared to this transformation of adulthood at 21. Finally, you can dictate and run your future anyhow you choose, friend. Be fulfilled.
Happy 21st birthday.

43. For so long, you have waited for this glorious moment. It’s finally here and you’re alive. Make that dream a reality like you always desired.
Happy 21st birthday, buddy.

44. It’s real you turned 21! How grateful I am on your behalf for this great experience. Be ready! for the best just delivered a message. Ride on to greatness.
Happy 21st birthday.

45. The lane is so fast and here’s your 21st birthday, one of the best I’ve experienced. Have a fun filled time today.
Happy 21st birthday.

46. A note of love to a friend: it’s indeed 21years gone by. I pray you’ll live long even more than 21years. Tread carefully to enjoy this beautiful life ahead.
Happy 21st birthday friend.

47. You scaled through and now you can show the world you’re made of steel, fearless, loving and responsible to be a legal adult. It’s your day at 21.
Happy 21st birthday.

48. I feel honoured to celebrate with you this 21st birthday leading you to the success gate. You worth more than gold. Cheers to an awesome life ahead!.
Happy 21st birthday dearest.

49. May this 21st birthday yield you blessings more than your explanations. You truly deserve this honour dear friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

50. As a kid, you had dreams, you grew to a teenager and your aspirations also. Today you’re 21 and part of the adult trail. Welcome friend!.
Happy 21st birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old Friend

Awesome Birthday Wishes for My 21 Years Old Friend from the Heart, you can send to a friend who is so special.

51. A whole lot lies ahead now you’re 21. As you tour the road, have fun, experience love, failure, lessons of life and many more. Be on the lookout as you move, don’t feel too smart or run too fast and keep thy mind open. All the best dearie.
Happy 21st birthday.

52. You just gained entrance into an environment where the atmosphere sometimes inconveniences with lots of fun and dreams. Be determined to scale through and I trust you, friend. You’ll make it. Happy 21st birthday.

53. You are my friend and today counts the same because, at 21, the friendship just got stronger. I pray you excel abundantly.
Happy 21st birthday.

54. My dear friend. I greet you congratulations on attaining this awesome 21st birthday. This is a sign of your success and greatness in life. As you advance, I know your life would be brighter. Better moments and success ahead friend.
Happy 21st birthday.

55. May all your days be filled with everlasting happiness and peace. May your 21st day make life meaningful to you.
Happy 21st birthday.

56. Wow! It’s your 21st birthday buddy and it’s once in a lifetime. Continue to float on the waters of long life and drink grace forever. Happy 21st birthday.

57. Just in the twinkling of an eye, it’s your 21st birthday. I wish above all that your paths shed light and lead you straight up to the place you deserve. Live long sweetie. Happy 21st birthday.

58. Rock your day bestie. This tunnel which your life has taken has lots of wonderful, painful and great experiences. Be positive, pursue your dreams, never fear and keep up hope. Happy 21st birthday.

59. This honourable day of your 21st celebration. I pray heaven would embarrass you with what you deserve and fill your heart with exceeding joy as you begin a new dawn. Happy 21st birthday.

60. It’s your 21st day. I pray that as you look back 21years from now, you’ll feel you have achieved everything and lost nothing. Happy 21st birthday sweetheart.

21 Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend

As your friend is 21 years old today, you can shock him or her with the following Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for My Sweet Friend.

61. I wish that your life be filled with numerous blessings, laughter and love forever. Happy 21st birthday dearest.

62. It never came to my wildest imagination that our friendship will survive 21years of perfection. Here’s your 21st birthday. May you flourish flawlessly. Happy 21st birthday.

63. Turning 21 shows your readiness to explore, grided with all the lessons in the past 20years, it’s allowed to feel consumed amongst uncertainties. I bet you’ll make it out. Happy 21st birthday.

64. Everything you ever dreamt shall be a reality as from this special 21st day of yours. I pray that life stirs your determination and make them come true. Happy 21st birthday.

65. For this 21st chapter which just opened in your life, I pray you worry less and achieve greatly. Happy 21st birthday.

66. I wish on this day I could hide you from the lessons of life and unexpected circumstances. For all occurrences keeps you strong and glowing. It’s your day friend. Have a splendid 21st birthday.

67. 21st birthday is just the beginning. I wish I could hold your hand every step of the way, guide you to bypass the struggles of the world. Nevertheless, I pray you’ll never fall. Happy 21st birthday.

68. I may be your best friend but I’ll have to let you go to the real world to experience it’s tussle, become strong, brave and wise. Just remember I’ll always be in support. Happy 21st birthday.

69. I know I have found the perfect friendship and today your 21st birthday reminds me of God’s sincere love of giving me the most cheerful friend in the universe. May your days overflow with blessings forever. Happy 21st birthday.

70. For many years now I’ve understood true friendship and I’m proud to see you celebrate this 21st birthday. I appreciate your kind gestures through the years and I pray you continue to inspire the universe with your generous heart. I love you. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Is your friend’s birthday today and you are willing to go all out to celebrate him or her? Then  this Happy  21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes is all that you need.

71. I will always adore you, dear friend. You’ve shed my paths with light for the past 21years. I pray sunlight never cease from your dwelling and you continue to remain smart and confident always. Happy 21st birthday.

72. Today stirs me in an extraordinary manner. As you make your way from 21 into the world full of anxieties, have fun and excel friend. Happy 21st birthday.

73. You might not know how much you mean to me dearest. I may not always be that best friend you desire but I know it’s your 21st birthday and I wish you would be surrounded by a beautiful life forever. Happy 21st birthday.

74. Few things cross my heart day and night and it’s your friendship so rare and true. I’ll always pray for you and wish you have victory in every battle as you face the 21st lane to challenges. Happy 21st birthday.

75. May life blanket you with wisdom as you pursue your dreams. Happy 21st birthday friend.

76. Cheers to an awesome 21years of cherished moments, beautiful occurrences and the best friend I have. May you be filled with strength continually. Happy 21st birthday.

77. From my heart, I pray that you’ll find more friends who’ll cheer you along this 21st path of success. Happy 21st birthday.

78. If I miss everything, it would never be your 21st birthday. A big shout out of congratulations!. I wish your fears subside and courage increase. Happy 21st birthday.

79. For this wonderful 21years, I’ve enjoyed an amazing source of friendship. I wish you’ll enjoy every day you possess. Have a fabulous day. Happy 21st birthday.

80. Make use of your strength, you’ve got it!. It’s your 21st birthday, be full of life and graced with power. Before you’ll get too old, fight to achieve greatness. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Is your friend’s birthday today and you are willing to go all out to celebrate him or her? Then this Happy  21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes is all that you need.

81. Every time I see you, it keeps me go and I must confess I have no regrets for this past 21years. I celebrate you, dear friend. May life give you the best and inspire you always. Happy 21st birthday.

82. Your actions and charisma are beyond your years and I’m so proud you made it through to 21. May your focus never lost vision. Happy 21st birthday sweetie.

83. Now you’ve won and you’re 21. I wish that you attain your goals. Never forget, the happiest life comes from the simplest things friend. Happy 21st birthday.

84. Learning is a continuous process. You’re 21, still learning. May your knowledge increase continually. Happy 21st birthday dear friend.

85. Drop your worries as you’ve crossed the teenage line. You’re 21, an adult of vibrancy. Live your dream life, sweetest. Happy 21st birthday.

86. My heart is thrilled seeing you walk majestically on your 21st day to the world of adulthood filled with responsibilities.
Happy 21st birthday. I love you.

87. You ran the race, won the 21st round. Friend, never let your hope decrease but be strong to face the storms. May you win more races in life. All the best and happy 21st birthday.

88. No matter how many candles burnt today, it won’t change the fact you’ve become 21years. May you flourish beyond your expectations. Happy 21st birthday.

89. On your 21st birthday, I wish you 21 traces of wisdom, forms of happiness and series of testimonies. Live long friend! Happy 21st birthday.

90. You’re 21 today, a year older and increasing tremendously. This shows a stage of maturity and therefore strive to be the best. Congratulations! Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Best Friend

This day is so much important to your friend as it marks the day he was given birth to. Join him or her in the celebration, with the following Happy 21st Birthday for a lovely friend.

91. Every evolution in my life, you’ve proven true to me. On this special 21st birthday of yours, I wish you more exciting days ahead from my heart. Happy 21st birthday to you.

92. As you turn 21, may you retain the goodness of life and count your days in love and peace of mind. Happy 21st celebration.

93. Your 21st birthday shall shower you with the best care and love from the end of the earth to the beginning. You’re the best dearie. lots of love. Happy 21st birthday.

94. Better and fruitful days ahead as you become that great human you’ve hoped for. It’s the 21st celebration of your birthday. Have it real and with fun. Happy 21st birthday.

95. May your life be full of wisdom and your days of pleasant surprises because, at this landmark of 21, you’re closer to higher glory. I wish you greatness. Happy 21st birthday.

96. I have friends bit the worth I place on you is weighed than an expensive raiment. I cherish this day you turned 21. Enjoy more blessings. Happy 21st birthday.

97. If I buy you 21candies, it won’t be enough to express my joy on this your 21st birthday. May you sing songs of praises forever. Happy 21st birthday.

98. Every year I celebrate you and today I celebrate you more as you become 21 and make waves to victory. I’m proud of you. Happy 21st birthday.

99. You’re an asset to be appreciated all the time. May you never depreciate from this 21st day till forever. Happy 21st birthday.

100. Today marks a great transforming in your existence. Reaching 21, I give all glory to the Lord for bringing you thus far and may He continue to guide your paths and never let you fail. Happy 21st birthday.

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