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2020 Touching My 21st Birthday Speech (Bday Speeches for You @ 21)

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So you’re 21 and you’ve got a lot to say but you don’t quite know how to get it out. Well, that’s why we are here. We compiled these beautiful speeches just for you.

My 21st Birthday Speech – 21st Birthday Speeches for Myself

Here are well-constructed birthday speech, you can use for your 21st birthday, to show you are very happy to see another year on earth.

1. I stand before you today, tall and ready. At 21, I’ve really come a long way. Life didn’t give me a chance but I rose above challenges to be who I am today.
I stand here, the bird with clipped wings, everyone thought wouldn’t fly. I developed new wings. I’m in flight.
Today’s the first day of the rest of my life. Get ready world, I’m coming for you.

2. Hours of tutelage, years of preparation are the foundations I stand on. The sweat of sacrificial parents bathes me today in opulence.
I am not unaware of the fact that I am privileged. Many of my contemporaries don’t enjoy the opportunities I enjoy today. I assure you that the investment that has gone into making me who I am today will not go to waste.
On my honour, I swear I won’t disappoint the core values that have been instilled in me.
Thank you for everything, wonderful parents. Without you, there wouldn’t be me.
Thank you all for coming to celebrate with me.
The world is waiting. I am ready!

3. When you’re 21, the world looks conquerable. That’s the way I feel right now. Ready to take on the world, ready to conquer.
I won’t feign naivety. I’m aware there will be challenges along the way. I am aware there will be oppositions. But for God’s sake, I am 21. Impossibility means nothing to me.
Youth buoys me on. The world belongs to me. The world is under my feet. Everything I want, I will get. It’s only a matter of time. Happy birthday to me.

4. To whom much is given, much is expected. I cannot feign ignorance of the responsibilities awaiting me. I embrace them now with joy.
I am thankful for life. I am thankful for the unconditional love of my parents. Their love buoyed me and landed me at the feet of excellence.
Whatever I’ll be able to do for you could never repay your sacrificial love.
The world lies ahead of me, so big and scary. But I know I’ll find my way.
The path charted for me is the path of honour, the path I’ll gladly follow.
May I be guided by wisdom beyond my years. May I not be reckless in choice. It’s my 21st. Cheers to my great future.

21st Birthday Speech for Myself

Is your 21st birthday today, wish yourself a happy birthday with a long life and prosperity with the following happy 21st birthday speech for myself.

5. My life gets better with passing years. At 21, the world is at my feet. Impossibility means nothing. Victory is what I am born for. Victory is all I will know.
I will chart my course. I will find my way. In doing so, I hope I will not hurt your expectations of me. If I do, I pray you will not dwell too much on disappointment.
I know deep down, what you really want is that I am happy in all my choices. May you find the courage to recognise and accept that fact.
To my dear parents, thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. Thank you all for being here.
Hello world, here I come.

6. I am 21, I’ve emerged from the cocoon of innocence. I’m a person of my own, responsible for my choices. I’m charting my path. I’m finding my way. I was born for the future. I am the future. To my core values, I promise to remain true.
I’ll be conscious so I don’t lose myself on this journey. I will find love. Success is mine always. Don’t stand in my way, you will be crushed.

7. Looking back on my journey, I believe I’m blessed. Blessed to be born into the family I was born into.
So much investment has gone into me, I don’t take them for granted.
My parents believed in me when no one did and taught me I can be whatever I want to be.
I stand on the foundation of their love today and declare, their sweat won’t go to waste.
I have been cooked. I am ready.
I’m here to make the world better. May my life impact all yours. May all the hopes you have placed in me not be disappointed.
I was born a king. I am here to rule. Cheers to me at 21.

8. At 21, I’ve had a fair share of hurts and disappointments. I’ve tasted a little of life’s realities. Am I bitter? No, I’m purged of that poison that easily destroys the soul.
I stand here today, wise and informed. I wear my experiences as a badge of honour. Pruned of childhood innocence but keeping the memories in my heart.
I couldn’t ask for a better foundation than I’ve had where the groundwork for a life of success and achievement has been carefully laid.
In my dreams of the future, I always rule. Today, my future begins. I am ready!

9. All my life, I’ve dithered. Never taken a stand, never having to take one. My parents have been there, a constant shield against life. Up until now, they’ve taken all the decisions.
Now, I stand at the threshold of reality, an unsure adult. Yet ready to take on life, as a matter of fact, eager for its experiences.
I will take tentative steps, a day at a time. I will find my voice, I will find my way.

10. At 21, you have many distractions to contend with. Youth intoxicates like sweet wine.
This is the age of experimentation, the age of mistakes. The age of heartbreak. The age where the future is made or marred.
I’m prepared for this period of life. I was nurtured in discipline. Raised to be focused.
I will not disgrace my upbringing. I will remain true to the creed of honour.
Don’t fret dear parents, I’ll do you proud. I’ll do myself proud.
21 hearty cheers to me.

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11. Awesome! I’m 21. The much awaited 21. The past meets the future today, consolidated in a single package.
Going forward every experience comes to bear. It remains to be seen how my training gets to impact my future. But whatever happens, I’ll be just fine. I’ll leverage on every available resource to create the future I desire. I will never disappoint the trust reposed in me.
I’ve come this far, I will go farther. I am excited. The future is bright.

12. Age 21 is significant for me. It’s my rebirth. No longer the fidgety, unsure personality, I’m a person of my own.
I’m yet to figure me out, so no, profiling me yet. I am evolving, my capabilities amaze me, I have consistently exceeded my own expectations.
I love the human I am becoming. I know this boat will land on the shore of success. Thanks to everyone that has been there for me. I hope I’ll be able to reciprocate your kind gestures someday.
The future is bright. The future is here. I embrace it with anticipation.

13. I’m at the juncture, where the past meets the future. I’m hoping that all that makes me who I am today, form a foundation solid enough to withstand what is to come.
The future lies ahead of me, alluring and promising. All I see is brightness and beauty and with all my 21 years I’m ready to embrace it.
I’m ready for new experiences. I’m ready for new relationships. I’m ready to stamp my feet and make my mark. Watch out for me.

14. When you see a confident 21 years old, you know he’s had the backing of good people.
That has been my experience. All my life, I’ve been told I can be anything I wanna be.
This saying that has proved true for me up till this point is about to be tested on a larger scale.
Ahead of me lies a vast future. A future I’m prepared for. The future is unknown but I have an idea how it’s going to pan out.
I’m not a fan of ” what will be will be”. What I choose is what I will be.
The future is promising. I see it clearly.

15. Age 21 signs the goodbye seal to innocence. I’m fully grown, getting wiser in the world’s way.
I’m hoping that I’ll not get my fingers burnt with wrong choices. I continue to depend on the wisdom of elders to guide.
The world is before me with amazing possibilities. I catch a glimpse of my future and all I see is the glory.
I’m ready to give life my best shot. May the future yield for me, all of its goodness.

16. Youth is a blessing I’m thankful for, but I know it wouldn’t last forever.
So at 21, I’m making hays while the sun shines. I’m leveraging youth to achieve all I want to achieve.
I’m doing my best hoping that in the long run, it will be enough. Happy birthday to me.

17. Hello, world! I’m 21 and I’m excited. Childhood long over, I’m at the age you can consider me a proper adult.
You will expect sound, well thought out decisions from me, I hope I won’t disappoint you.
Responsibility is here, I rise to the occasion.

18. At 21, I have a point to prove to the world. I want you all watching out for me. What I am capable of will blow your minds.
I’m not just a random new kid on the block. I arrived with a difference, a difference you will all see.
The world will be better because of me. The world is waiting for me. It is time!

19. At 21, I have come a long way and I can testify to God’s faithfulness.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute to make my life a success. I pray soon I’ll be able to make you all proud of me.
Life is just beginning, I’m eager to explore it. I’m eager to make my mark.
I still look forward to all your support and prayers. Thank you all.

20. I’m standing on the platform of 21. I’ve got a long way to go still. But I’m trusting that the grace that brought me this far, would not abandon me at this point.
So many laurels to achieve, so many mountains to still cross.
The future looks overwhelming but I’ll go it a day at a time.
I’m trusting that you won’t stop praying for me. I still count on all your support and encouragement.
Youth intoxicates but I pray for a level head to take only right decisions.
Thank you all for coming to celebrate me at 21. God bless!

  • Written By Ronke Fayomi.

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