Happy 21st Birthday Cousin

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Cousins are our uncles’ or aunts’ children. They are relative. Sometimes, they are even closer to us than our own siblings.

You have that kind of special cousin whose 21st birthday is approaching and are not sure how to wish him/her a happy birthday? You can read through this list of *”100 birthday messages for your cousin”* and make a choice.

Happy 21st Birthday Cousin

Wishing your cousin happy birthday on his or her birthday should not be a problem for you since you have this lovely happy 21st birthday for cousins at the tip of your finger. Just feel free to make your choice and send it to him or her.

1. To the best cousin in the world, I wish you a happy 21st!

2. If people get medals for growing up, you’ll get 21 medals today. Lol. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear.

Happy 21 Birthday Cousin
Happy 21 Birthday Cousin

3. 21 is a landmark age; it ushers you into adulthood. May your years be filled with wisdom and strength. Happy birthday!

4. Nothing beats the feeling of being 21. Enjoy continuous fulfilment this new year and hence.

5. Happy birthday to you, cousin. May your 21st year be happy indeed.

6. I classify 21 as the real beginning of growing old. Welcome to the league of adults… Lol.

7. Your age won’t be just numbers; it will count for your relevance henceforth. Happy birthday, Cousin.

8. I have watched you grow from the cradle and I’m pleased with the gentleman/lady you have grown into. Happy 21st birthday to you.

9. More favour, wisdom, grace and joy for you as you step into your new year. Happy 21st birthday, Cousin.

10. I am proud of such great virtues and culture you have imbibed. Your 21st year is remarkable indeed. Happy 21st birthday!

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11. A new age is marked by a new year. Happy 21st birthday, cousin.

12. Today is the commemoration of the day you were born. The joy you brought to the family at birth will only increase. Happy birthday!

13. Yay! It’s 21 years of growth, Cousin. I wish you a splendid 21st year.

14. Everyone has a cousin but not everyone is proud of their cousin. I’m proud of who you have grown to become. Happy 21st birthday!

15. Although you are my cousin, I could call you my own sibling. You have been so wonderful. Enjoy your new year.

16. I wish I could write an epistle but no amount of pages will be sufficient for what I’d love to write. May you find favour in all your ways as you enter your 21st year.

17. It’s the beginning of a new journey. This is your 21st journey in life. I pray for strength to overcome the hurdles of this year and grace to achieve your set goals. Happy birthday, Cousin.

18. I could say I’m the happiest because I have a wonderful cousin – you. You have been such a great support and I couldn’t have prayed for a better cousin. I celebrate you today and always. Enjoy an awesome 21st birthday.

19. I am delighted to call you cousin. You are such a wonderful personality. I wish you a happy birthday full of awesome surprises.

20. Each birthday signifies a new level of growth. It’s my wish that this year ushers you into quantum levels of growth. Happy birthday!

Happy 21 Birthday Cousin

Here are special happy 21st birthday quotes for cousin from the heart that you can use to celebrate your cousin on his or her birthday.

21. You are one year older today, Cousin. May this year be to you a fulfilment of all that you have desired for.

22. Dear Cousin, I pray that your 21st year will bring you closer to your anticipated future. Happy birthday!

23. There is no better day to celebrate an amiable cousin; this day is perfect. I celebrate you today. Happy birthday!

24. Happy 21st birthday to the world best cousin!

21st Birthday Wishes for Cousin
21st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

25. This is the day the Lord has made; we rejoice and are glad in it. May you always find joy in all your ways. Happy birthday, Cousin.

26. My cousin; my friend. You are such an amazing personality. You inspire me always. I pray that your inspiration will not cease. Happy 21st birthday!

27. Happy birthday to you, Cousin; happy birthday to you. I wish you an indeed happy birthday. Enjoy!

28. On this day, twenty-one years ago, you cried into this world but you have learned to smile and laugh no matter what comes your way. Your joyful attitude to life is contagious. I pray you find joy every day of this new year. Happy birthday, cousin.

29. Happy 21st birthday to you, Cousin! This new year shall bring to you too more money, shoes, bags, dresses, better relationships, and all the good things of life. (female)

30. Happy 21st birthday to you, Cousin! This new year shall bring to you too more money, shoes, clothes, business deals, better relationships, and all the good things of life. (male).

31. Today would be incomplete without my own birthday wish to my cute cousin. May you find rest on all sides this year. Happy 21st birthday!

32. With you, I have created many wonderful memories and you deserve the best. I wish you a really happy birthday, cousin.

33. Enjoy the best of every good thing life has to offer this 21st year. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

34. May your 21st year usher you into a higher level of maturity and wisdom. Happy birthday

21st Birthday Wishes for A Cousin
21st Birthday Wishes for A Cousin

35. You have taught me many life lessons for which my life is the better today. How can I forget the impact you’ve had on me in these years of knowing you? I want you to know, on this your birthday, that I appreciate and love you always. Happy birthday to you.

36. You are not just my cousin, you are my friend. Warm wishes on your birthday. Have a blast!

37. Although you are far away, my heart goes out to you on your birthday. May you have many more birthdays. Enjoy your day.

38. You are a jolly good fellow and we share in the joy of your birthday today. May you grow wiser as you grow older.

39. I pray that this new year of yours will bring you closer to your desired future. Happy 21st birthday!

40. Birthdays are a time to reflect. I pray that whenever you look back on this year, you will always be grateful. Happy birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Below are the top of the world happy 21st birthday for my cousin that you can celebrate your cousin with, that will strengthen your relationship.

41. 21 is a landmark age. Enjoy landmark experiences in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday, cousin.

42. Birthdays come and go. You are my cousin; you are my pal; you are the best! Happy birthday!

43. I admire you, dear cousin – your courage, wit, tact and humour. You combine all effortlessly. Warm wishes from me to you on your 21st birthday. Have a beautiful one.

44. I wish distance wasn’t a barrier on a day like this. Here’s my heartfelt wish to you on your birthday. Make sure you have mad fun! Lol

Cousin 21st Birthday
Cousin 21st Birthday

45. Life would have been boring without a cousin like you. When I’m alone and bored, I reminisce about the times we’ve spent together. Our silly plays, tantrums and loud laughter. I wish I could be with you today but make sure you buy a cupcake. We’ll have a larger fun when I come. Haha. Happy birthday, Coz.

46. 21 hurrays to the best cousin in the world! You are the best; you deserve the best. Happy birthday!

47. To the world, you are my cousin. To other family members, you are as close as a brother (or sister). To me, you are the best that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, cousin.

48. May you find joy, peace, love and fulfilment as you embark on the journey of a new year. Happy 21st birthday, cousin.

49. If I had the opportunity to choose again, I’d choose you over and again, not just as my cousin but also as my BFF. Enjoy your birthday.

50. Birthdays come only once in a year and for the best cousin in the world, it must be memorable. Have fun!

51. Cousin, I don’t have to wish you a happy birthday; it will be happy because I’m in it.

52. We have created an awesome line of memories in the past years. Can we take your birthday to begin a new line of memories? Happy birthday, cousin.

53. You are more than family to me; you are one of the best things that have happened to me. Happy birthday to you.

54. I may not say this to you always, but I find your birthday a perfect day to let you know that I love you and I’m proud of you. Happy birthday, cousin.

55. May your 21st year be seasoned with happiness, abundant blessings, peace, goodness and fulfillment. Happy birthday.

56. My cousin; my hero. There is no better day to thank you for teaching me to be the best version of myself. I love you. Happy birthday!

57. 21 hearty cheers! May all your desires be fulfilled this year. Happy birthday.

58. Wow! You made it to another year! I’m so happy. Congratulations and happy birthday to you, dear cousin. Enjoy your new year.

59. Tell no one, but you are the best among my cousins. Happy birthday.

60. Happy birthday, Cousin. I appreciate you for the immense contributions you have made to my life. May you enjoy more favours than you can ever imagine as you celebrate your birthday. I love you.

21st Birthday Wishes for a Cousin

No need to rack your brain for words to use in celebrating your darling cousin’s happy birthday, this heartfelt happy 21st birthday for cousin will beat your expectation.

61. I believe we’re cousins because our mothers wouldn’t have been able to handle us as cousins. We have so much energy. Haha. Happy birthday to you, dear.

62. May this birthday bring fulfilled desires and answered prayers. Happy 21st birthday.

63. The interesting thing about a cousin is, cousins can pass both as siblings and friends. Truthfully, I have found both in you and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for that as well as warm wishes for your birthday. Happy birthday, cousin.

64. I always look forward to my meetings with you. Your personality thrills me. From me to you, I say have a blast on your 21st birthday, cousin.

Happy 21st Cousin
Happy 21st Cousin

65. My cousin, you are super smart, intelligent and most of all, cute. I admire you always. I wish you a happy birthday.

66. We may not share the same last names but we’ve shared memorable moments. You make my world rock and you can rest assured that your birthday will be a roll – I’m rocking along with you, of course.

67. Dear cousin, I am filled with delight at the thought of you clocking 21 today. It is my desire that you will be fulfilled all around. Happy birthday.

68. No one loves like a cousin who is related by blood as a friend by choice. You have been a wonderful friend to me. I wish you many more birthdays.

69. Happy birthday, cousin! As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, may you celebrate many more years of good health and prosperity.

70. We love you and so send our wishes to you on your birthday, cousin. May this year brings you closer to the fulfilment of your purpose.

71. Dear cousin, as you celebrate your 21st birthday today, may all your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday!

72. Happy birthday, cousin. I am honoured to have you as my cousin. You have touched my life in so many ways. I pray for fulfilled desires, granted wishes, unmerited favours, and unending blessings for you as you celebrate your 21st birthday today.

73. You won again, cousin! And I’m happy I am here to celebrate with you too. I wish you many more victories ahead. Happy birthday.

74. Today is a perfect day to celebrate an awesome cousin. 21 on the 21st! You rock!

75. Though you are far away, you are near in my heart. If no one else remembers, I do remember your special day. Happy birthday, cousin.

Cousin 21st Birthday

Keep your cousin amazed with the following touching 21st birthday wishes and quotes for cousin from the heart. All you need to do is to copy, paste and send it to him or her.

76. Today is a special day for a special cousin. As you take another step on the wrung of life’s ladder, may your life move on to the next greater levels. Enjoy your new year!

77. Enjoy God’s best today and always. Happy 21st birthday, cousin.

78. You are special and I celebrate you today because you deserve it. You have blessed me more than I can talk about. May your life continually enjoy God’s blessings. Happy birthday, my cousin.

79. God paid keen attention to your creation. You are blessed; you cannot be cursed. Whether to your left or right, you will always see light. For your 21st birthday, greatness shall fill your way. Happy birthday, cousin.

80. 21st Birthday is usually remarkable. May you enjoy remarkable blessings as you celebrate. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

81. We feel very special to have you as our cousin. May this 21st year of yours be the most special you have had so far. Happy birthday.

82. 21 happy cheers to the best cousin ever! Warm wishes on your birthday.

83. Dear cousin, no one may have told you this: you are super intelligent and you are going places. Your 21st birthday will lead you into a pack of beautiful unforgettable experiences. Happy birthday.

84. More than a cousin, I see you as my friend. Your personality is so sweet and I wish you a sweet 21st birthday. Enjoy.

85. 21 shades of awesomeness! Yay! I wish you were here. I’d have screamed in your ear: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

86. Beauty and wit; cute and couth; amiable and indomitable; you are simply the best cousin. Enjoy the best birthday ever.

87. No one loves like a cousin who is also a friend. May your dreams be closer to you in this your 21st year. Happy birthday

88. May this be the best of birthdays you have celebrated in your lifetime. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

89. I pray that you will have success in all your endeavours. Enjoy your day, cousin.

90. Happy birthday, cousin. May you find help everywhere you turn to starting from today, being your birthday. Have fun.

Happy 21st Cousin

Let your cousin feel the importance of a day like this in his or her life with special happy 21st birthday wishes you send to him or her as birthday gifts.

91. Dearest Cousin, when I count my blessings, I count you as one of the topmost. Thank you for being an amazing cousin. So much love for you on your birthday.

92. We celebrate you on your special day, dear cousin. We wish you sound health, peace, success and happiness today and always. Happy 21st birthday.

93. What a perfect day to celebrate a truly wonderful cousin! Can you hear me give 21 loud cheers? It’s all for you. Happy birthday!

94. Birthdays come only once in a year and I don’t want to miss today to tell you how much I love you. Happy 21st birthday.

95. I may not always tell you how dear you are to me, cousin. But today won’t slip by without me doing that. And I know it would mean so much to you especially because it’s a special day. Happy birthday.

96. Happy birthday, Cousin. Make sure you have all the fun you can get, after all, birthday is once in a year.

97. May your birthday open you to new opportunities and bring you closer to your dreams. Have a blast, cousin.

98. Birthdays remind us of how far we’ve come in life and help us to look forward to the year ahead. May your 21st year bring you nothing but joy and bliss. Happy birthday, cousin.

99. Dear cousin, may your 21st birthday launch you into greater realms of glory, deeper keeps of grace and higher forms of favour. Enjoy fruitfulness this year. Happy birthday.

100. Happy birthday to you, dearest cousin. Enjoy favour, goodness, happiness, love, abundance as you celebrate your 21st birthday. I love you plenty.

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