Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 21

70 Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 21 in 2020

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21st birthday is very significant because it is the point where one fully crosses over from childhood to adulthood. As an uncle or aunt, your niece is more like a daughter to you. And there is no better time to communicate that fact like on her 21st birthday.

Below are birthday wishes you can send to your niece on her 21st birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 21

Wishes your niece happy birthday as she is clocking 21 years of age this year with this heartfelt happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes for niece.

1. Turning 21 can be likened to journeying into a new world entirely. However, I’m not worried because I know my best girl has got it. Happy birthday, dear.

2. Happy birthday lovely niece. I wish you a wonderful year ahead even as you start a new stage in your life.

3. You are going to remember your 21st birthday for years to come, so make the most of it. Happy birthday, my dear.

4. You have been a wonderful niece. That’s why I know you will live a wonderful life. Have a wonderful 21st birthday.

5. Congratulations dear. You have finally reached the legal age of adulthood. Use it wisely.

6. Happy 21st birthday. Although I’m not there with you in person, you will be continually prayed for in my thoughts throughout the day.

7. I wish you a great day ahead, a lovely month ahead and an even more marvellous year ahead. Happy 21st birthday to the world’s best niece.

Happy 21st Birthday Niece

Do you have a lovely niece that is clocking 21 years of age today? Send your wishes to her just by consulting this happy 21st birthday wishes and thought for niece and put it to use.

8. I’m really happy for you seeing your 21st birthday. You have indeed proved to all how strong you are. Happy birthday.

9. You deserve to be celebrated because you are special to all of us. Happy 21st birthday, dear niece.

10. Your selflessness and maturity touch my heart, even as a little girl. Now that you are 21, I couldn’t be more proud. You go, girl! Happy birthday!

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11. I hope you enjoy all the days to come because a time will come when fun will come at a price. Happy 21st birthday. Have a blast!

12. I celebrate your birthday with mixed feelings. I’m so happy you are growing and becoming your own person but I also feel a sense of loss because my little girl has grown. Happy 21st birthday to my lovely niece.

13. I have loved you as though you were mine since you were born. And my love for you grows as the years go by. I’m so happy to witness your 21st birthday. Have fun!

14. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear. I wish you days full of light, months full of grace and years full of favour.

21st Birthday Wishes for Niece

Let this 21st birthday be a landmark for your niece as she is celebrating her 21st birthday today. All you need to do is to send the following touching happy 21st birthday messages and quotes for niece to her.

15. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you growing up to be such a wonderful young woman. I know the remaining years will unfold great things for you. Happy 21st birthday.

16. I know you have been looking forward to being 21. Now that it is here, I wish you a lovely one, no one deserves it more.

17. Wishing you a happy birthday is too mundane for a significant year like 21. So I wish you a great, lovely, wonderful and fun-filled birthday.

18. Happy 21st birthday to my niece. I could barely keep up with how fast it ran. Make sure you take time to enjoy the next 21 years to come.

19. May your 21st birthday be one to remember for love, joy and so much happiness.

20. Turning 21 is a milestone. You will be expected to be responsible. Don’t lose your fun in the process. I wish you a great year ahead.

21. It feels like yesterday when I held you in my hands as a newborn baby. And now, you are 21, I’m amazed at the speed of time. Happy birthday, dear. Your aunty/uncle loves you.

21st Birthday Niece

Celebrate your niece who is turning 21 today in a different way, send this lovely birthday quotes and wishes for niece clocking 21.

22. You are probably wondering what the big deal about being 21 is. It is just age where you are expected to know what you are doing. I wish you wisdom in all things. Happy birthday.

23. Being an adult comes with a lot of ups and downs. But I wish you unending happiness through it all. Happy 21st birthday.

24. Happy birthday dear niece. I wish you an impactful year just like your 21st birthday.

25. As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, I wish you long life, prosperity, good health and success in all your days. Happy birthday.

26. We were so happy God brought you to us on your birthday. And we are even more glad that he kept you till this time. We pray that he continues keeping you for many more years to come. Happy 21st birthday, sweetest niece.

27. You only turn 21 once. Actually, you only turn every year once but this is a milestone. And I’m really glad for the opportunity to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, dear.

28. While turning 21 is significant, how you spend your adulthood is even more significant. Make a difference in your journey and have fun while at it. Happy birthday.

21st Birthday Wishes for a Special Niece

Be the first to celebrate your niece on her 21st birthday with the following heartfelt happy birthday wishes and quotes for niece on her 21st birthday.

29. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. I pray that life genuinely smiles at you today and every other day.

30. Happy 21st birthday, beloved niece. I hope you enjoy every moment of the years ahead.

31. I remember your first steps, your first word and the first day you went to school. Now you get to celebrate your first day as a legal adult. Happy birthday to you, niece.

32. When you blow the candles on your birthday cake today, I wish that all your wishes do come true. Happy birthday. Welcome to adulthood.

33. My wish for you on this special day is that your 21 be like your first birthday so that you have many more years to live. Happy birthday, dear.

34. I join you today to thank our creator for bringing you this far. Turning and seeing your 21st birthday is not a piece of cake. Happy birthday.

35. I pray that the Almighty keeps you and everything that concerns you even as you celebrate today. Happy birthday to you, from your favourite aunty/uncle.

21st Birthday Wishes for My Niece

Bring the surprise your niece is waiting for on her 21st birthday to feasibility with the following sweet 21st birthday wishes and messages for niece.

36. Congratulations on making it to 21. I wish that you will not just increase in age but in wisdom and understanding as well because you will need it.

37. In many countries, 21 is the legal age to drink. I do hope that you don’t make the new age all about that. I pray that your eyes be open to finding purpose. Happy birthday beloved niece.

38. You always make us happy and fill us with so much joy. That is why I desire for you to have a life full of happiness and joy and well. Happy 21st birthday to you.

39. Even as you are celebrating this milestone age, I pray that after another 21 years, you will look back with more smiles than regrets. Happy birthday, dear.

40. Congratulations to you, my lovely niece. You have been able to conquer 21 great years. I pray that you will conquer many more 21 years in life.

41. You are a very respectful and honourable young lady. I pray that your principles will not diminish as you increase in age. Happy 21st birthday to you.

42. I know you have always wanted to grow old but 21 comes with its own peculiarities. I wish you a smooth sail. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for a Niece Turning 21

Make the heart of your niece glad on sighting your text messages on her birthday with these amazing birthday quotes for niece’s 21st birthday.

43. As you make a wish today on your birthday, don’t forget to wish one for me too, your favourite aunty/uncle. Happy birthday, dear niece.

44. I’m proud of who you have become and I’m so excited about your future. Happy 21st birthday.

45. Happy birthday, dearie. I have beautiful memories of you for the last 21 years. Here is to more beautiful years ahead.

46. Best wishes to the world’s best niece on this special day of her 21st birthday.

47. 21 affords you that perfect balance to be responsible as well as childish. I wish you the wonderful things that come with being 21. Have a blast dear.

48. Happy 21st birthday. Life is full of possibilities. I pray you find happiness in all the possibilities life brings your way.

49. I pray grace for you to always remember to do the right thing even though it’s not lawful. Happy birthday to my darling girl on your 21st birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old Niece

Surprise your niece on her birthday with wishes from you, just by sending her part of these happy 21st birthday wishes to the niece I love.

50. You are starting a new journey today. A new journey of a new year and a journey of a new era. I wish you a wonderful journey ahead. Happy birthday.

51. Happy birthday dearest niece. I know 21 comes with many goals and dreams. My wish for you is that all your dreams come to pass.

52. All the love to my loveliest niece who deserves many great things as she clocks 21.

53. Congratulations on the first day of your life as an adult. I wish you the best in this new experience of life. Happy birthday, dear.

54. There is no better time to say I love you than today on your birthday. I do love you, every moment of every year. And I wish all the love the world can give. Happy birthday to you, my niece.

55. Happy 21st birthday, lovely niece. I wish that your life be sweeter than the cake I ate at your party. Enjoy your day.

56. I am the luckiest aunty/uncle on earth because I have a niece like you. You make it easy to be an aunt/uncle. On this special day of your 21st birthday, I pray that all your heart desires be met.

Happy 21st Niece

Show your niece how happy you are for becoming 21 years today, with a cute happy 21st birthday for my niece quotes you send her.

57. My wish for you is that life will always smile at you and your life will be filled with beautiful songs. Happy 21st birthday, sweetest niece.

58. You always amaze me about how mature you are even before you clocked 21. Now that you are 21, I rest assured you can do this adult thing. Happy birthday, dearie.

59. Happy 21st birthday to my niece. I hope that you will always be happy just as you were filled with happiness today.

60. 21 has passed since I carried you in my arms as a baby. I was so happy to be an aunt/uncle and I have been all through the years. I pray that your life continuously be a source of joy to everybody. Happy birthday.

61. I saw a wishing star last night and I wished for you that all you wish for yourself come to pass. Happy 21st birthday to you, niece.

62. You have come a long way, from that crawling baby to a pretty young lady. I am glad I was here to witness the transition. As you clock 21 today, I wish you all the good things that life has to offer.

63. Happy 21st birthday, dear niece. But it is a time to work hard to keep your dreams alive. I wish you health and strength to fulfil your dreams.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Niece

Take your niece’s 21st birthday celebration to the level she never expects with the following happy 21st birthday for my niece from the heart.

64. You have reached a milestone in your life today as you clock 21. I pray that your life will be full of positive and memorable defining moments. Happy birthday.

65. Happy 21st birthday, dear. May the years ahead be even better than the ones past.

66. All my heartfelt wishes to you on your 21st birthday today. I wish you long life, good health and prosperity.

67. I see you today as a grown young lady but you will always be my baby. I know your parents feel the same. Happy 21st birthday to you, our baby niece.

68. Happy 21st birthday to the world’s best niece. I hope you have the best life ever.

69. I wish you a very beautiful 21st birthday. May every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, from here on out, be beautiful for you.

70. I am sending prayers up above to the creator for you, my wonderful niece, as you clock 21 today that he keeps you and directs your path all through your journey through life. Happy birthday.

Written By Ayandola Ayanleke.

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