100 Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes for 21 Years Old in 2020

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For a birthday anniversary, what makes it a complete celebration is the presence of family, close friends and even loved ones. Moments of celebration is not chosen especially with age, but more often sometimes we tend to celebrate some years larger than others.

A milestone is one worth remembering and that is why 21st birthdays are considered the age of adulthood. It is worth celebrating all the time. Have you thought of the ways in which they can remember their 21st birthday anniversary with a message from you?

Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes

Inspirational 21st Birthday Quotes for Someone You Cherish.

Below are some quotes to help tell that special someone at 21, that they mean the world to you.

1. It’s now legal, dear friend. Congratulations on a milestone completed. Welcome to adulthood

2. Can you now dispose of the I.D card that says you’re a minor? 21 is the age of an adult. Congratulations

3. Happy birthday as you turn 21. May these memories never fade away.

4. You have now become more responsible for having turned 21, you are now wiser and taller than your youth. I pray you make the most out of your life.

5. On such a day that you are 21, May you receive more surprises.

Best 21st Birthday Quotes

Best  Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

6. This day that you have turned 21 only means your mother’s umbilical cord is truly cut from you. May you grow in strength and wisdom.

7. I wish you bigger dreams to accomplish, more love to satisfy you. May happiness always find you now that you’re 21 and forever.

8. For such a moment, I am here to celebrate with you, your 21st birthday is only the beginning of good years to come. Congratulations

Best 21st Birthday Quotes
Best 21st Birthday Quotes

9. Today has only taught you that time is not on your side anymore, throw more caution to the wind and live like there’s no tomorrow as you have turned 21. Happy birthday to you.

10. For today I only have one wish, that you sit and count all the blessings in your life to this day you have turned 21. I hope you count your mother twice. Happy birthday.

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21st Birthday Quotes

Awesome  Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes and Sayings you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

11. Today I want you to look outside, I bought you a new car with a plate that says ‘Today you’re 21, drive with care’. Happy anniversary

21st Birthday Quotes
21st Birthday Quotes

12. I hope you take life easy now that you have turned 21, May your wisdom grow from strength to strength.

13. You have won the race of passing teen to adulthood. As you become 21 today, may your lip smile always with joy.

14. You can shout to the rooftops today ‘I am 21’, it’s legal as you’re of age.

15. As this 365 days journey has begun, May your 21st anniversary always be a reminder to take life more seriously and love the things that matter to you.

21 Years Birthday Quotes

Heart Touching  Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

16. May the good times keep rolling as you have turned 21 today. Happy birthday to you.

17. Congratulations to my dearest friend whom another age has found, it’s not just any but 21. May your blessings find you.

21 Years Birthday Quotes
21 Years Birthday Quotes

18. Great freedom and wisdom shall follow you as you have turned 21. Love smart.

19. Have fun on such a day for it only comes once in a lifetime.

20. Congratulations to you on such a day life declares you to be more mature. May your wisdom tooth churn wise decisions in your life.

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes

Sweetest  Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

21. This will be the day you will hardly forget because 21 is not an easy age to come by.

22. To clock 21 is a big deal, it’s now a responsibility to show the world that you are loving, responsible and now a legal adult. Have fun

23. To an amazing night where the world turns you into an adult. May your style at 21 show the world what good you are made of.

24. Enjoy the day, smile, laughter, friends, love and beer. You are now of age. Happy 21.

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes
Happy 21st Birthday Quotes

25. To you, my friend who just clocked 21, May your time bring more love to you so you find 21 more years incredible.

26. No one needs to tell me that you have been dreaming of a moment like this, even as you clock 21 today. May your cocktail always come with a spice of happiness and love.

27. As you turn 21 today, may you have the most amazing party of your life.

28. Enjoying your youth in its fleeting moments comes especially when you turn 21. May you have time to enjoy life to its fullest.

29. It’s good to know you are no longer a child anymore, 21 is an age for you to settle down and live a good life. I wish you much goodness.

30. This is a good reason to celebrate today, turning 21 is once in a lifetime.

21 Years Old Birthday Quotes

Amazing Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

31. May your 21st birthday bring more celebration in your life now and always. Happy birthday to you

32. I envy the smile on your face as you have clocked 21. May laughter always know your face.

33. Keep up the face that glows on such a birthday for a star like you. May this anniversary be a memorable one.

34. As you turn 21 today, I hope you enjoy the day as much as you can. It’s an age to be matured and responsible

21 Years Old Birthday Quotes
21 Years Old Birthday Quotes

35. As you have taken a step into your 20’s, may you be able to figure out the path in your life at the same time earn from the failures and mistakes.

36. Happy 21st anniversary. May you learn to accept the things life offers you and grow immensely in wisdom.

37. As easy as you have cruised into your 20’s, know that life has a lot to offer and you should be ready to accept them.

38. Get ready to explore life as you rock and roll into your 21st birthday. You can now do the illegals as you can.

39. You will never have this day where you turn 21 again, celebrate today like it’s the last you’d live, so it carefully as you have attained a responsible age.

40. I know you have more than 21 reasons to be happy today. I only wish you more on that list, grow and have fun.

21 Years Old Quotes

Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

41. Remember you’re still young as you turn 21 today, do have more blessings and more fun remembering you live only once.

42. I pray God always be with you. Happy 21st birthday anniversary

43. As the world gets better, you will realize that an age like 21 is one worth enjoying. Don’t forget to involve God while you grow.

44. As you have been blessed on such a day, I pray you take a chance to see how beautiful life is for an adult. Love life and live free

21 Years Old Quotes
21 Years Old Quotes

45. As you celebrate your 21st birthday, I wish you more birthday celebration and more wisdom beside it.

46. On such a birthday, I don’t know what Gift to get you, so I spiced these words with so much love because of how you mean to me and a 21st birthday anniversary is one to remember always.

47. May your 21st birthday grow you into a beautiful person and open your heart to bloom more love.

48. I know your wishes as a kid was to be an adult, today you have crossed the mark and have done it beautifully well. May your wishes always come true.

49. A whole life is ahead of you as you have turned 21. May God give you the eyes to see through difficult moments and grow Happy.

50. At such an age, may you grow higher than the sky in wisdom and love, joy and happiness. I wish you more love.

Short 21st Birthday Quotes

Best Short Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

51. I wish you more years full of Northern lights, as you have come to the age where restrictions are as you please. May you see clearly to grow on a good path.

52. On such a day, I pray it is more wonderful to fill your expectations. You actually deserve a great and special celebration. Happy birthday to you

53. Eat a lot of cake and drink a lot of wine, on such a day you deserve more than just gifts. You deserve a fresh air.

54. At such an age, you deserve an amazing life. As you turn 21, I pray your ground becomes stronger and your dreams wider.

Short 21st Birthday Quotes
Short 21st Birthday Quotes

55. This is a new page filled with adventures. Don’t be scared to make mistakes and I wish more laughter to your eyes.

56. I hope this new age brings love to you. 21 is an age your life will meet mishaps and joy, pain and gain. Learn from all and learn to love despite all.

57. If there was any gift I had for a special person like you on such an anniversary it will be my heart. May your 21st birthday anniversary be of everlasting gratitude

58. Thinking of you on such a day only gives me the heart to pray you celebrate anniversaries as such always. Happy 21st anniversary

59. May every warmth of the sunshine on your path now and always as you turn 21.

60. If I were to find words to express how much joy fills my heart for you for turning 21 then I must tell you I have lied. Happy birthday to you.

21 Yrs Old Birthday Quotes

Happy 21st  Birthday Quotes and Messages you can send to your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Cousin.

61. As you blow your candles on such a day, may every wind of trouble be blown away from you now and always.

62. As you turn 21, May there be sounds of a good cheer coming from your hearts. Let smiles shine on your face like the star that you are.

63. Celebrations today should include your laughter, smiles and heart. Blow out your joy into this birthday.

64. May your birthday have beautiful stories that will accompany the new age. I wish you more success

21 Yrs Old Birthday Quotes
21 Yrs Old Birthday Quotes

65. I pray you grow to be an inspiration as your 21st birthday is the beginning of adulthood.

66. As wonderful as you are, I pray you grow in the light of good to be seen with beauty in the eyes of all men. Happy Anniversary to you

67. As you turn 21 today, find the juice that keeps you happy. Drink from the gourd of smiles, May your days be long.

68. As you have just turned 21. I pray all your dreams find your door and break it down when you do not answer. Love abundantly.

69. May this birthday make you realize the many blessings in your life so far. I wish you more life of happiness.

70. As blessed as today has arrived, May your name be written with blessings to accompany, as you have reached your adulthood. Happy anniversary.

Cute 21st Birthday Quotes

Celebrate with your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew or Cousin who is clocking 21 years of age today. With the following Cute 21st Birthday Quotes for Someone Special.

71. For such an age, it only means a new beginning. New page, new age, more love, more joy, fresh laughter, fresh blessings. More years to you.

72. I have stuffed a lot of gifts and buried in my prayers for you this birthday. Expect them in a lot of blessings. Happy 21st Anniversary to you

Cute 21st Birthday Quotes
Cute 21st Birthday Quotes

73. You are a glowing star, a fine piece of being made to grow in such a wonderful manner. As you turn 21 today, may more years follow through.

74. I pray and hope you have the best gifts as you turn 21. May the flavour of love ooze on you this new age. Happy birthday

75. It’s such a beautiful day with thoughts of you smiling because the day belongs to you. Have it all, make merry today.

21st Bday Quotes

Wishes your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Nephew, Friend, Cousin all the best as he or she is clocking 21 years of age today, with the following Cute 21st Birthday Quotes for Someone Special.

76. May your sun shine brighter than any dark. I pray your heavens rain water of love and thunder blessings to you on this new age. Happy birthday.

77. As today turns you to 21, make slow your pace on life, enjoy every moment. It’s your day

21st Bday Quotes
21st Bday Quotes

78. I wish I would be around to make sure your glass is filled with lots of wine as you turn 21 today. Don’t forget to live life loving.

79. Take a glimpse into the new you. 21 is not an easy age to achieve. As you have clocked becoming an adult, may your ways inspire us all.

80. No pressure on you today. Enjoy your day like you own it. Write out all your wishes and it will come true.

Happy 21st Quotes

Someone close to you is becoming 21 years of age today, and you feel you should surprise him or her? Then Happy 21st Quotes and Messages from the Heart is all you need to achieve that.

81. As you have always counted me as one of your best friends, I have dedicated this day to be spent with you alone so we make merry and cheer as you have turned 21.

82. To a friend who has been there from the start. As this is your day. I would drink and eat your cakes today as it’s our day as well.

83. Your 21st birthday is all I have been looking out for. I couldn’t miss it for the world.

84. I pray the winds fetch my love, kisses and birthday wishes to you on such an awesome day. Happy 21st anniversary

Happy 21st Quotes
Happy 21st Quotes

85. Happy birthday to the most awesome person I know. May your Blessing multiply always.

86. I pray your courage keeps increasing every moment of your life, especially now that you have clocked 21.

87. May your bells of adulthood bring you good chimes of love, laughter and joy as you turn 21. Happy anniversary

88. Thank you for always been my friend at every moment of our lives. Even as you turn 21, May our bond of friendship keep growing stronger.

89. As good friends that we are, your age I know will only make you wiser. Now that you have clocked 21, May your bag of wisdom grow bigger.

90. This Happy feeling grows in my heart as to how you have clocked 21 today, it’s such a good feeling to be alive. Have fun.

21 First Birthday Quotes

Here are inspirational Happy 21st Birthday Quotes you can send to someone special to you.

91. As a special friend that you are, I celebrate you on such a beautiful day. May our days be full of sunshine.

92. As birthdays come around every year, don’t celebrate this one like the others. Been 21 addresses maturity in your life. Grow into a fine spirit.

93. Today I know is the most important day of your life as you turn 21. May your celebration bring good fortune.

94. Happy 21st birthday to you, try new things and love more

21 First Birthday Quotes
21 First Birthday Quotes

95. If I needed to ask God for blessings on such a day, I will ask for more age to you as you turn 21. May your light keep shining.

96. May this birthday teach you something more beautiful, May your face never tire from smiling always.

97. If it’s not your birthday on such a beautiful day then what else. I appreciate you a lot as a friend.

98. I feel much appreciated and privileged as a friend of one who is turning 21 today. Let us explore the world.

99. My birthday wish for you today involves lots of love, hugs and prayers to grow in strength and wisdom.

100. Happy birthday to you my friend. 21 is a good age, it is the beginning of good things to come in your life.

Written By Rudolph N. Adidi.

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