21st Birthday Wishes

2020 Trending Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old

All birthdays are special but some just seem more special than the rest. This is because they are more remarkable and significant.

One of such special birthdays is the 21st birthday. It is a period of newness and the beginning of a new phase in life. It marks the start of official adulthood. This age is full of fun and the tendency to explore and make moves. It’s an interesting time of one’s life.

You’re here because someone very special to you is having his or her 21st birthday today. And I bet you are at the right place.
Send them any of these special wishes because they are indeed special and deserve to be celebrated.

21st Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

Cute Happy 21st Birthday Messages you can send to someone so special to you as he or she is now 21 years of age.

1. Twenty-one years is no joke. The age is a special one and so are you. You mean a lot to me, dear. Happy birthday to you.

2. It’s your twenty-first birthday today! You’re the most amazing friend anyone could wish for. I wish you all the goodies you wish yourself and much more.

3. You’ve finally hit the big twenty-one! It’s a remarkable time of your life. Thank God for the privilege to see it and enjoy the bliss it brings. Happy birthday.

4. From age one till now, it’s been a long journey full of different experiences. The good, bad and the really ugly ones. I’m sure you’ve learnt from all and would make you a better person this new year. Happy 21st birthday with love.

Sweet 21st Birthday Wishes
Sweet 21st Birthday Wishes

5. Happy twenty-first birthday to you sweetheart. May the years ahead of you be greater and more fulfilling than the ones behind. Enjoy your new year.

6. You’re finally 21! I really love the beautiful woman you are becoming. Keep shining as the start you are.

7. The D-day is here! I’m sure you’ve waited for this day since forever. Thank God it’s finally here. Make sure you enjoy the bliss that comes with the day. Happy 21st birthday with love.

8. 21 is the “legal age.” And I’m sure you’re excited about that. Enjoy your new status as an adult to the fullest. I wish you a beautiful birthday.

9. You’re a very special friend. And I love your personality. That’s why I’m sending you a special wish for your 21st birthday. I love you big.

10. This day comes just once in a lifetime. So make sure you enjoy being 21 because when next this day will come, you’ll be 22! Smiles. Happy 21st birthday.

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Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

Send these heartfelt happy 21st birthday quotes and wishes to your friend, loved ones and even your family member who is celebrating his or her 21st birthday today.

11. Happy birthday, sweetheart. As you turn 21 today, reflect upon yesteryears and how far you have gone. Be grateful for those times. And more than that, thank God for the beautiful years ahead.

12. Being 21 comes with so much joy and great feeling. Continue to feel fly and high as you begin a new journey into official adulthood. Smiles. Cheers to a beautiful new year.

13. You’re such an important friend to me. It’s been really worthwhile knowing you. As you hit 21, I pray above all things that you experience an increase in all your endeavours.

14. I value you so much. You may not know this. And each birthday you mark reminds me of your worth. I value you. Happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes
Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

15. Being 21 indicates that more responsibilities lie ahead of you. I pray that you have more wisdom and insight to address issues of life when they come. Happy birthday.

16. You’re an amazing gift to me. Thanks for coming into my life and making an impact. I wish you long life coupled with prosperity and good health. Happy 21st birthday.

17. May your birthday bring you more fulfilment and joy much more than you’ve ever had it. I cherish you. Happy 21.

18. Today is your big day! How does it feel being 21? Great right? I know that feeling. Keep being great dear. Happy birthday with love.

19. The day you’ve been awaiting is finally here. Congratulations sweetheart for making it. I’m proud to call you friend. Welcome to the big 21!

20. I really can’t believe you’re turning 21 already. Those times we used to play as kids look just like yesterday. We’ve really gone a long way. Happy birthday, friend.

Birthday Wishes for 21st Birthday

Bring the reality of 21st birthday to the surface just by send nice 21st birthday wishes for someone so special.

21. It’s your 21st birthday and it’s going to be the best you’ve ever had. That’s a promise from me. Happy birthday, Bestie.

22. Who says being 21 is no big deal? I will shout it aloud for the whole world to hear that the one I love the most is 21 today. Happy birthday my love.

23. Congratulations on turning 21. You deserve a really special day. Make sure you have fun all through the day. It’s yours and only yours. Enjoy!

Birthday Wishes for 21st Birthday
Birthday Wishes for 21st Birthday

24. My princess, my everything. I love you so much. Wish you a beautiful birthday filled with love and all your heart’s desires. Happy 21st birthday.

25. Happy birthday my number one. You’re not just my first, you’re my only. Knowing you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. And I’ll always cherish that. Congratulations on hitting the big 21.

26. You’ve managed to turn this black and white world into a fairy tale for me. Thank you for filling my life with bright colours. Congratulations on being 21

27. As you mark your 21st birthday, I wish that all your dreams come true. Wish you many more years of fulfilment. Congratulations darling. Let’s celebrate!

28. If 7 symbolises perfection, then 21 symbolises triple perfection! May you experience perfection on all sides this new year. I wish you a perfect birthday.

29. 21 is an exciting stage of your life. Relax, explore and have fun. Just be happy and make sure you enjoy this time of your life. It comes only once remember.

30. I really do hope your 21st birthday would be as special as you are because you are an outstanding young man and you deserve to be celebrated. Happy 21st birthday man.

Cute 21st Birthday Wishes

Here are the cutest happy 21st birthday wishes and text messages, you can use to celebrate someone special to you.

31. It’s exactly 21 years of God’s faithfulness. Thank God for thus far He has brought you and for greater heights He’s taking you. Your future is undoubtedly bright! Happy birthday, deary.

32. Words are not enough to express how much you mean to me. You’ve been awesome right from the beginning and you still are. Thanks for remaining a friend. Happy 21st birthday!

33. 21 is a remarkable age. Thank God for where you are now and greater heights you are going. Keep soaring dear. Happy birthday.

Cute 21st Birthday Wishes
Cute 21st Birthday Wishes

34. I might not be with you to celebrate your birthday but always remember that I have you in my mind even if distance seems a barrier. You are never forgotten. Welcome to 21!

35. Sister, you are a beautiful and loving lady. Ever alive and positive. Thanks for teaching me to dare and be a better me. Happy 21st birthday with love.

36. I’ve been thinking of a special way to wish a special friend clocking 21 today a happy birthday. But my only special way is saying “I love you”. And yeah, I really do.

37. You came into my life, we became friends, and now we are a family. Inseparable and ever strong is the cord that binds us. Thanks for being a part of me. Happy 21st birthday dear.

38. It’s 21 years I met you today. That’s because I’ve known you all your life. May this year be the beginning of great things for you. Happy birthday, brother.

39. Today is different from yesterday and every other day because it’s your birthday. Enjoy the day to the fullest because it’s yours alone. And because you’re 21.

40. You’re finally 21! I can imagine how excited you are about your new age. I’m happy for you too. Keep up the excitement and have a fun-filled birthday.

Beautiful 21st Birthday Wishes

Do you need beautiful happy birthday quotes for someones clocking 21 years of age today? Then you are in the right place and at the right time.

41. It’s your birthday! And your 21st it is. You have every right to be happy. Wish you good luck in all you do.

42. I’m celebrating you today not just because it’s your 21st birthday but because you are a special person to me. Thanks for all times. I love you endlessly.

43. Happy birthday, dear. Cheers to better years full of joy and blessings. Enjoy the goodness that the future brings. Happy 21st birthday.

Beautiful 21st Birthday Wishes
Beautiful 21st Birthday Wishes

44. I wish you a beautiful birthday filled with love, laughter and everything good. You deserve the best only. You’re 21 today and I’m proud of you.

45. Nothing on earth can stop me from celebrating my very special friend who is marking her 21st birthday today. She’s so beautiful and awesome. And she’s reading this right now. Loads of love sweetie.

46. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. With you by my side, my worries are gone. I love you more. Happy 21st birthday my everything.

47. If I could control the times, I would go back to where it first started. Where and how I met you. Thanks for being there for me. I wish you lots of love and happiness as you clock 21 today. You are loved.

48. I wish I met you ever before now. You are a gift to me from God. It’s been awesome knowing you. Wish you a beautiful birthday full of grace. How does it feel being 21? Smiles.

49. Cheers to more beautiful years filled with bliss and blessings. You deserve the best birthday ever. Happy 21st birthday dear friend.

50. I still don’t know where to start from because you’ve been amazing all through. I appreciate you for sticking with me all these years. I wish you all you wish yourself as you mark your 21st birthday today. Much love.

Best 21st Birthday Wishes

Do you need amazing happy birthday quotes for someones clocking 21 years of age today? Then you are in the right place and at the right time.

51. You were by me all through thick and thin. Thanks for being there. I can boldly call you friend. Happy 21st birthday my sweetheart.

52. This day comes just once in 365 days. So enjoy it to the fullest. Have a blast deary as you celebrate your 21st birthday!

53. Hitting 21 is a milestone. It’s a really big deal. Congratulations my dear for making it. I’m proud of you. Happy birthday!

Best 21st Birthday Wishes
Best 21st Birthday Wishes

54. You’re 21 today and you’re never going to be again! Enjoy this day as much as you can cos it only comes once. Have a blast!

55. It’s your 21st birthday. Forget all your worries and cares. Be happy because you deserve to be and because it’s your birthday!

56. As you turn 21 today, I pray that you begin to achieve all you’ve ever found difficult and impossible. It’s a year of possibilities for you.

57. To the most beautiful person in my life turning 21 today, I say a really big happy birthday!

58. As you grow older, I wish that you also grow greener and better. You’ll never have a better yesterday. Congratulations on hitting the big 21.

59. My hero, you’ve been such an amazing friend and lover to me. I wish you a prosperous and blissful 21st birthday.

60. Congratulations. You’re twenty-one years old today. Cheers to better and more beautiful years ahead.

Awesome 21st Birthday Wishes

Here is the most awesome way to celebrate your friend, family or lover on their 21st birthday anniversary. Send this to that lovely person to make the celebration a special one.

61. Be happy because God has blessed you beyond measures. And He has made you see your 21st birthday. Congrats.

62. Although you are getting older, you look just as perfect and beautiful as you’ve always been. You’re 21 today but you look as fresh as 16. Smiles.

63. You’re just started a new year of your life and I pray it ushers in joy and happiness in abundance for you. Welcome to 21.

Awesome 21st Birthday Wishes
Awesome 21st Birthday Wishes

64. Because you are 21 today, bigger and bigger responsibilities are coming your way. I wish you the best in life dear. Happy birthday.

65. This is to wish my sweetheart clocking 21 today the happiest birthday ever! You are such a darling and I love you.

66. I can’t believe you are 21 already. How time flies. Cheers to many more years of greater achievements. Love loads.

67. You’ve proved to me for 21 good years how amazing and awesome you are. I look forward to more years of friendship with you. Happy birthday, friend.

68. Your 21st birthday is going to be once in a lifetime. Please make it a memorable one. Enjoy every moment of your day.

69. Happy 21st birthday my dearest. Wish you all you wish yourself on your birthday. And even much more.

70. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. You are indispensable. I’ll forever love you. You’re twenty-one. Yes, you won!

Lovely 21st Birthday Wishes

Bless the celebrant as he or she is becoming 21 years today with the following touching happy 21st birthday from the heart,

71. Being 21 is a landmark. A great achievement one should celebrate. I’m celebrating you today because you are 21 and you are special to me. Happy birthday.

72. This day 21 years ago, a queen was born. That queen is really beautiful and lovely. The queen is you. Happy birthday, darling.

73. From the bottom of my heart, I wholeheartedly wish my very special brother the happiest birthday ever. Keep balling man. Congratulations on your 21st birthday.

Lovely 21st Birthday Wishes
Lovely 21st Birthday Wishes

74. Of all friends, you’ve proved most special to me. I’ll keep thanking God for bringing me into contact with you. Enjoy your 21st birthday!

75. To the one whose heart beats as mine. To the one who makes me feel like a king, to the most beautiful lady I know, I’m saying Happy 21st birthday my Queen.

76. Hello handsome. It’s your birthday today and I’m not going to stay calm. That’s how special you are. Do have a fun-filled 21st birthday.

77. Make sure to have the best birthday today because 21 is a great deal. I’m proud of you today and always. Keep soaring and enjoy your day.

78. My friend is beautiful, caring and loyal. She’s one of the best in the world. And it’s her 21st birthday today. I wish you a prosperous birthday dear friend.

79. I wish a public holiday could be declared today for the world to celebrate your birthday. That’s how special you are. Have fun today and always as you mark your 21st birthday.

80. Birthdays are periods of reflection of yesteryears and preparation for the beautiful future ahead. Make sure you enjoy your 21st birthday.

Amazing 21st Birthday Wishes

Make this 21st birthday celebration a remarkable one for that amazing celebrant by sending him or her the following happy 21st birthday to someone special.

81. Congratulations. You have come into another beautiful year of your life. Your 21st birthday. I wish you the best dear!

82. Your smile and beautiful face always look sparkling and full of grace. Keep being happy. Happy 21st birthday my dear.

83. Happy birthday. May all your dreams come true and may you be better than you’ve always been. Congratulations on being 21.

84. Make sure you have the best and unforgettable birthday ever. You’re 21 today and I’m proud to call you mine. Congratulations.

Amazing 21st Birthday Wishes
Amazing 21st Birthday Wishes

85. You’re growing older and getting into adulthood but make sure you have all the fun in the world today. Happy 21st birthday friend.

86. That time of the year has come when we remember and celebrate a special personality wise heart is golden. You’re cherished today and always. Happy 21st birthday.

87. It’s your day today. Only yours. I wish you a beautiful new year filled with bliss and blessings all through. Congratulations on your 21st birthday. Love you big.

88. My sweetheart, I wish you an extraordinary birthday. God bless you and all yours greatly. Happy 21st birthday to you.

89. You’re welcome to your beautiful new year. I congratulate you as you begin another phase of your life. Happy 21st birthday.

90. May your birthday be filled with lots of happiness and love and every good thing. You deserve the best only. You’re 21 today and I’m proud of you!

Wonderful 21st Birthday Wishes

No need to wonder for words to use as your lover, friend or family is celebrating his or her 21st birthday today. Below are perfectly created happy 21st birthday wishes you can put to use.

91. It’s a special day for a special person. You’re amazing and I’m proud to call you brother. Congratulations on your 21st birthday celebration.

92. Hello everyone. There’s a breaking news today. It’s my friend’s 21st birthday! It’s breaking, right? Smiles. Happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy.

93. Every one is special in their own way but you are special in every way. I love you really big. Happy 21st birthday.

94. Every day is beautiful but today is more beautiful and special because it’s your 21st birthday. Have a lovely birthday my sweetheart.

95. Have a fantastic 21st birthday my love. You’re welcome to your new year. May it be filled with lots of happiness and joy.

96. If every year is a race, then you’ve won 21 races of your life. I think you deserve a medal for that. Congratulations on your birthday.

97. I wish that God blesses you with all you desire and deserve. You’re more than awesome and I love you. Congratulations on your 21st birthday.

98. It’s your 21st birthday! Smile. Dance. Relax. Reflect. Have fun. You deserve the best birthday ever. Congratulations.

99. Thank God for 21 years of His faithfulness over your life. Here’s my prayer for you; A beautiful new year filled with beautiful things all through. Happy birthday.

100. May every single second, minute, hour, day, week and month of your new year be full of joy and happiness. You’ll always have reasons to be happy. Congratulations on hitting the big twenty-one!

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