Best Friend 21st Birthday Quotes

2020 Best Friend 21st Birthday Quotes (Male or Female)

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Happy 21st Birthday Quotes for your best friend, male or female.

Best Friend 21st Birthday Quotes (Male)

Wish your best male friend a happy and blessed birthday just by send from these well-constructed happy 21st birthday for my friend (male).

1. It’s with great joy in my heart that I am wishing you a happy birthday today. I want you to know that I will always have your back, no matter the situation. Just keep living and learning.

2. Happy 21st birthday to the best male friend in the world! Am so happy to celebrate your entry into your twenties. I wish you joy and happiness throughout your life. Enjoy your day.

3. Nothing beats the fact that you are growing in God every day and am so proud of you. It’s been an amazing journey with you as my male friend. I pray God bless and guide you as continue in Jesus name. Happy 21st birthday.

4. I want to send a big shout out to my friend, brother and friend. It’s your 21st birthday today and I wish for you bucket loads of heavenly blessings. Happy birthday!

5. To the world best male friend, am sending a heartfelt prayer on his special day. I pray that God will always be by your side and guide every step of the way. Happy 21st birthday.

6. I am so proud to have you as a family. How you worked hard and relentlessly to achieve everything you have. It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into the man you’re becoming. So am celebrating this milestone journey with you. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

7. I want everyone to join me in celebrating a gem to this generation, the apple of God’s eyes and my wonderful male friend as he is a year older today. Keep smiling bro. Happy 21st birthday.

8. Yay! So it’s another 365 days and another opportunity to celebrate my best male friend who is always there for me. It’s been an awesome having you in life. Happy 21st birthday.

9. I could send a thousand wishes for all those times you put a smile on my face. You have been a great friend, brother, and friend. And today, I wish for you abundant blessings and joy every day of your life. Happy 21st birthday.

10. And on this special occasion, I sending you this message so you’ll know how awesome you have been to me. It’s a great pleasure to have as my male friend. Thank you for the beautiful memories we had. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

11. To my favourite male friend, I wish you a happy 21st birthday today. Remember that this is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. So live, love, learn and grow. Enjoy your day!

12. Indeed, you are God’s gift to us and we celebrate you today. You are family in more ways than one. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend. Always do your best to make the right the decisions.

13. Adulthood is stressful. Trust me, I know. But am so sure you can handle it because I’ve seen you take the lemons life throws at you and make it a lemonade. So this new year of yours, take that mindset with and achieve your goals. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

14. Hey, friend, I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration filled with joy and laughter. You’re the best bro. Happy 21st birthday.

15. You are more than a friend. To me, you’re my best friend and biggest ally. Thank you for always being there to get me out of trouble. I’m celebrating you today because you deserve it. Happy 21st birthday, bro.

16. Dear friend, the world is so lucky to have you in it. You have always been a source of blessing to people. I want you to know you’re loved and celebrated today. Happy 21st birthday to you.

17. May you continue to have reason to be joyous and happy. Happy 21st birthday, friend. I wish for you more birthdays to come in sound health and with peace of mind.

18. Wow! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into your own. You are becoming a young man, kind and smart. I pray you achieve all your dreams and accomplish your goals. Happy 21st birthday to you, friend.

19. Today, on your 21st birthday, am giving you and advice “Never give up on your dreams” and do not ever settle for less. I’m so proud of you, friend. Happy birthday.

20. To my favourite person in the whole world, I am wishing a happy birthday today. Always remember that I love you too. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

21. Wow! How time flies. You’re officially an adult. Well get ready for a world of pressure and obligations, but am sure you can handle it. You’ve always been mature for your age. Happy 21st birthday, friend. Don’t forget to be happy.

22. It’s with great pleasure and excitement that am welcoming you into adulthood. Today, your birthday, I want to wish you a wonderful journey ahead. Always remember that we got your back. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

23. I thank my lucky stars that I got you, an amazing person like you as my friend, well my favourite male friend. You’re the best in everything to me. And I wish for you, more than anything, a beautiful life filled with colour and light ahead.

24. A big shout out to my brother, friend, confidant and friend. Happy 21st birthday, friend. Let’s celebrate life in style.

25. Joy, Peace, wealth and wisdom will God bestow upon you as you have reached this milestone in your life’s journey. May you always find the light on your paths. Happy 21st birthday, friend.

26. Age is not just a number. It reminds you of how long you’ve spent and how close you’re getting to your dreams. I know this is the time for your manifestation. Just go into the world and prosper. Happy birthday to my best male friend.

27. My joy knows no bounds as I’m typing this. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend. You deserve the best of all good things and that’s what you’ll get as a gift from God today.

28. May this day bring you deliveries of good wishes and answered prayers. Happy 21st birthday. friend. Continue to grow in God.

29. Hurray! Today is your day and I’m so glad am celebrating with you. Happy 21st birthday, friend. Go Look in the mirror today and see the world most handsome man. Yes! …Man

30. Every day we see another opportunity to live is a blessing. I’m so happy that you’re experiencing the blessing of celebrating another year in the land of the living. Make every single day count. Happy birthday, friend. 21 looks good on you.

31. I want you to go to the mirror and you find an epitome of God’s perfection. I’m so happy to have you as a male friend. You’ve been a blessing. Happy birthday to my amazing friend. You’re officially welcome to your 20s.

32. Every decision you make from here on will be very paramount to your future. So always choose the path that will lead to minimal regrets. And remember that no matter what, I’ll always have your back friend. Happy 21st birthday.

33. Even when you feel you have it all figured out, life can throw a curveball and knock you off your balance. Be prepared, friend. Brace yourself for adulthood. Happy birthday to you. Celebrate life.

34. I hope you’re laughing right now because today should be filled with laughter and merriment. It’s your birthday friend. Live and be happy. I love you.

35. Today is your day and I’m more than happy to be part of the people to celebrate with you. Happy birthday to the best male friend that ever lived. Keep living and smiling.

36. I pray today, that all your labour of success will yield good results for you. Don’t give up on your dreams. Just keep on working hard to attain your goals. Happy 21st birthday friend.

37. Just like the stars shine without barriers, so will your glory manifest without obstacles. Happy 21st birthday, friend. I wish for you long life, sound health and success beyond measures.

38. The best thing to do with your life is to live with minimal regrets. So don’t hold back friend, go after your dreams and sleep every day with a smile on your lips. I wish for you fulfilled life in God. Happy blessed birthday.

39. You are a gem. A diamond in the ruff. But I know you’ve got potential in you that will make you an icon. Invest in yourself and make the best of your talents. Happy 21st birthday, friend. I believe in you.

40. I am indeed happy to celebrate with you. You’re the best person I know. Not just a friend but a confidant. Thanks for always being there for me and having my back. Happy 21st birthday to my awesome friend. Long life and prosperity!

41. They say friends are siblings from another mother. That’s true because you have always been a brother to me. Nothing gives me greater joy than to wish you a happy and joyful 21st birthday today. Let’s celebrate, dear friend!

42. Happy birthday, friend. They say you’re 21 already! Wow! You’re all grown up. I hope you continue to find joy in things that you love. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as learn from them. Celebrate your day.

43. I remember all those times you always come through for you despite the odds. You are a good person, friend. I hope you find happiness and make a good success. Happy birthday from your favourite friend.

44. It brings joy to my heart celebrate you today. Not just as my male friend but as a friend and a brother. Happy birthday to you. I wish for you the best of all good things today.

45. I join the happy people celebrating you today and I wish you a joyful and merry birthday celebration. You’ve been a blessing to us, it’s time to share that light with the rest of the world. Happy birthday, friend.

46. The beauty of life is to be surrounded by the people that love you. You are a very lovable person and it’s no surprise people are celebrating you today. Happy 21st birthday to your friend. Don’t ever change who you are.

47. To my amazing friend, I’m saying a happy and merry birthday to you. Today is your day. So is tomorrow and every other day of your life.

48. A big shout out to my friend. The best male friend in the whole world. Words cannot describe how awesome you are. Keep growing into the responsible man you are becoming. Happy 21st birthday to you.

49. Today, I wish for you success beyond limits, favour beyond merit and joy beyond circumstances. Happy 21st birthday, friend. You are the definition of grace.

50. Happy birthday to my dearest friend. I wish for you today, all your heart desires in double portion. Keep living and learning bro. Success is just a step away.

Best Friend 21st Birthday Quotes (Female)

Best Friend 21st Birthday Quotes (Female) you can send to your friend to celebrate her on her birthday.

1. Friends like you are rare. Sort of like finding a gem in a hay, so scarce. But I’m glad we found each other. So on your 21st birthday, girl, I’m wishing a life full of wonderful discoveries.

2. You’ve been a great friend. An amazing one to be precise. That is why on 21st birthday, I’m pulling out all the stops and wishing for all the best of all good wishes today. Welcome to official adulthood dearie.

3. The best things in life happen when they are least expected. So today, I am wishing for you the best things and a success-filled year ahead. Happy 21st.

4. You’ve always been a source of inspiration to me and so proud to have you as a friend. Thanks for always pushing me to achieve my goals. You’re the best, dear. Happy birthday to you.

5. It’s my joy and pleasure to welcome you to adulthood. Happy 21st birthday! More years in good health.

6. You’ve been a dear friend and words cannot describe how special you are. Happy birthday, dearie. Today is your 21st birthday, may you celebrate more hallmark years in good health and success.

7. Yay! It’s your 21st! Funny that you got there before me, it always looked like I was older. But big ups to you gal. Continue to bask in God’s love. Happy birthday to you.

8. Happy birthday! It feels so wonderful to be among the people that would celebrate with you today. I wish for you a bucket load f good wishes today. Happy 21st! Yes, I know your age. Lol

9. I am so lucky to have you as a sister, a buddy and a friend. You are an incomparable gem. A blessing to this generation. And a God-sent to me. Happy birthday, sweetie. Your bestie loves you.

10. If I never knew believed in fate, meeting you would have been the eye-opener. You are the perfect complement to my crazy personality. I’m so glad we met. Happy birthday, dear. Your Darling friend wishes you a blessed 21st celebration.

11. I thought of the best gift to give you and then I realised that the best thing I can give you a thorough appreciation of the friendship we have.Thanks for always being there for me, for being the amazing person that you are, for those helping me even when I’m too proud to ask. Happy birthday, dearie. Welcome to 21!

12. Happy birthday to a dear friend and companion. It is with great joy that I welcome you to 21. Just remember…… I got there first. Love you!

13. Its been a blessing having you as a friend. You have always an awesome person an even better friend. You’re only young once. So live and be happy. It’s ur day.

14. The best time of your life is now. So don’t just sit and watch. Go out, live and make yourself happy. You deserve it. Happy 21st birthday.

15. You are crossing a major threshold in your life today. 21 is a big deal. You are officially an adult today and I’m so happy for you. Happy birthday, honey.

16. Wow! How time flies. You’re already 21. Surround yourself with friends and family and make good memories. Happy 21st birthday to you.

17. Happy birthday to the most awesome person I know. It’s my pleasure to celebrate you today. Make beautiful memories every chance you get. Happy 21st dearie.

18. Every second is worth living to the fullest. You are 21 today. Seize every opportunity today to relish the feeling of being young. Have fun dear. Happy birthday, dear.

19. Congratulations! my dearest friend is 21 today and super happy for you. Finally, you’re legal. Let’s have some fun and celebrate today, yea?

20. A piece of advice, dear friend. Today and every other day from today are yours. So own it and live it to the fullest. Happy 21st birthday. Long life and many more years.

21. Happy birthday to my best friend. Spend today surrounded by people who love you because you’re an amazing person that deserves so much love. You are the gift that just keeps on giving. It’s your day dear. Smile and be happy.

22. I wish for you today all your heart desires in the package. May you experience favour in every corner. Go forth and conquer. Happy 21st birthday dear.

23. Yay! It’s your birthday. Let’s raise the roof and party! Lol, just kidding. But really let’s go have some fun. You’re only young once. From the bottom of my heart, I’m wishing my dearest friend a wonderful and blessed 21st friend.

24. May the light of the Lord shine upon your path and guide you in every step and decision you take. Your officially a responsible adult today. May you see more fruitful years in Jesus name. Happy 21st birthday.

25. It is with joy and excitement I am typing this congratulatory message and welcoming you to 21. Happy birthday to you dear. May you continue to have cause to celebrate.

26. You are so responsible and wise that it’s a surprise you are just 21 today. You always seem so much older. I celebrate and pray for you today. May God surprise you with blessings that surpass your understanding. Happy birthday, dear.

27. Wow! You’re 21 already. Just like yesterday, we were children playing in the mud together.Happy birthday to you dear. Take a leap of faith and reach for your dreams. I will always have your back.

28. You’re officially in your twenties and I am so proud to call you my friend. You have the sweetest and the most caring person I know. Happy 21st birthday dear.

29. Dream big. Take risks. Pursue your goals relentlessly. Don’t give up on yourself. This is time to make something of yourself with happiness as your top priority. Love always, happy 21st birthday.

30. I want to advise you to make every day count. Thank God for the small blessings and appreciate the people that are around you. It’s your 21st birthday. Let’s celebrate.

31. On this special day, I am sending you good wishes coupled with blessings from above. Happy 21st birthday dear. You are have been a great friend.

32. On this wonderful occasion of your 21st birthday, I want to use this opportunity to wish my dearest friend a happy and joyous birthday celebration today. May you continue to grow in wisdom and love.

33. From me and everyone else that loves you, we are saying a happy celebration to you today. Don’t dwell too much on mistakes and don’t let regrets drag you down. Happy 21st birthday dear.

34. Go look in your mirror and you’ll see the power woman that is set to make a difference in the world today. I believe in you. My friend is the strongest person I know. Happy 21st birthday dear.

35. It’s funny how age just creeps up on you right? 21 just comes up in your face and all of a sudden we have to be adults with all the responsibilities. But don’t worry about those things. Today is about you. Happy 21st birthday dear. We’ll figure it out.

36. Close your eyes and count your blessings and you’ll see how richly you’ve been blessed. And because you are one of my blessings, I’m celebrating you today. Happy 21st birthday dear.

37. May today signal the beginning of God’s intervention in your life. And may all your deepest wishes be granted. Happy 21st birthday.

38. If I were to write a book about how much your friendship means to me, we’ll run out of paper. But today, I wish you miracles that will set the pace for a glorious future. Happy 21st birthday dear.

39. You are beautiful inside and out. You have so much love in you that you freely give to even those you don’t know. And on your 21st birthday, I wish for you the ability to do so much more. Happy birthday.

40. It’s no surprise you’re 21. It’s just annoying you got there before me. Lol. Happy birthday, dear. Let’s go out and celebrate. You’re picking the bill because you’re an adult now. Lol.

41. Finally, you’re old enough to be called an adult. Trust me, I’ll remind you the next time we have a tough chore. Happy birthday, dear. It feels amazing to be 21, right?

42. Congratulations to my friend on being 21 years old. I wish for you more years with great memories. Feel free to enjoy yourself today. I’ve got your back.

43. Today is all about you. So I am going to use every opportunity to celebrate and toast to your health and life. Don’t hold back. Have some fun today. Happy 21st birthday.

44. It’s been 21 years since you became an official member of this planet. More years of good health and good decisions to you. Happy birthday.

45. Close and say a quick prayer of appreciation to God for making you see this day. Then put a smile on your that beautiful face because it’s your special day. Happy 21st birthday.

46. Congratulations dear. And a happy birthday to you. It’s your day. Live and be happy. I hope you have an incredible day.

47. I’m wishing you all the best of all good wishes on your birthday. I’m so happy to be graced with your friendship for the past years. Happy 21st birthday.

48. Wow! I wish we could stay young forever but that’s not possible. So let’s make every day count. And go after the things we want with serious dedication. Happy 21st birthday.

49. Happy 21st birthday. They say you’re only young once so be brave and take risks. Move forward without looking back and conquer every day with a smile of triumph. More years of great accomplishments ahead.

50. On your special day, I wish for you an answer to all your heartfelt prayers. Don’t be scared of the future, You’re going to exceed expectations. Happy 21st birthday.

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