21st Birthday Letter

Best Happy 21st Birthday Letters for Someone Special in 2019

Happy 21st Birthday Letters

Here are Cutest Happy 21st Birthday Letters and Wishes you can send to your Lover, Friends and Family to celebrate them on their Birthday.

1. Your Day of Birth

You are now far from being a teenager. You are getting older. It is your new year dear. You are now a twenty-something.

It is time for you to seize your world and create a world of your own. I celebrate you today and always. I celebrate your day of birth. With much love from your elder brother.

2. A Brother’s Love

It is time to celebrate you, my brother. Today, your birthday, gives me an opportunity to express the inner that comes with having a loving younger brother like you. I celebrate the siblings’ bond between us. It is time for me to tell you how much I appreciate your love. A brother’s love is Immeasurable.

I am always grateful to have a great brother in you. You are a blessing to me your sister. I have happy that you are alive to witness a new year in your life. You are wonderful. You are great.

3. The Touch of Masculinity

It is your birthday again. It is now a year since you have left the teen’s world. Your birthday is here. You have grown fully into a man now. You now have a touch of masculinity in your hair, the way you talk and do things.

There is now a fire if maturity glowing in your eyeballs and your confidently approach life. Keep growing to be all that you want to be. Do not forget that your sister loves you always.

4. My Birthday Prayer for You

Birthdays are special days in a person’s life. I pray for you on this your special days that all that concerns you is made perfect.

I pray for you on your birthday that you are blessed beyond measure. You are an epitome of success. You are becoming greater than your imagination.

5. It’s Your Day

Do you know that deserve the very best? You deserve the best and you should not settle for less. On your birthday, I wish you all the special things in life.

On your birthday and every day of your life, I wish you all the things that make you happy, all the things that make you feel good and all the things that will give you joy.

Happy 21st Birthday Letters
Happy 21st Birthday Letters

6. Growing Up

Year by year, we grow more mature and have varieties of experiences. I wish that you experience hope instead of despair, passion instead of boredom, love instead of a loss, joy instead of sorrow, peace instead of turmoil.

7. Birthday Cheers

A lovely cheers to you on your birthday. May make birthday cheers glows your face and light up your countenance.

I wish you everything bright and beautiful. I wish you joy and happiness at every time of the day in your new year and coming years. Happy birthday to you.

8. Today is all Yours

Today is your birthday. I join others to celebrate with you, dear sibling. Today is the day you turned twenty-one. Make sure you enjoy your day. I hope that you will have loads of fun.

I might not be there to celebrate with you physically but my heart is with you dear brother. Your brother and childhood playmate is saying a big shout out to you on your birthday. Enjoy!

9. Time Flies By

I have seen you grow up rapidly. You were my little playmate just yesterday and today you are now a twenty-something. How much I have seen you as you grow.

Every year, you have grown bigger and smarter. Oh! How time goes by so fastChildhood does not last a lifetime. Welcome into adulthood. You are now an adult. Cheers!

10. Adulthood

Dear younger brother, I do not have to remind you how much I love you, neither do I have to remind you that you mean the world to me. We have been the best of friends all these years and you were my constant companion.

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However, as the days roll into years, it is obvious that we can not always be together all the time. You have your career to pursue and I have my interest to develop. Please, be the best you can always be. Put in extra effort in all you do. This is my way to say a happy birthday to you. I always love you.

11. Happy Womb Escape

You left our Mum’s womb on a day like this, twenty-one years ago. You are the best gift I could ever have. We discovered life together and shared both happy and sad moments together.

If I go back to our childhood, I would still choose to be your companion above any friends I had back then. You are precious and lovely. You will keep being precious to me. Much love.

12. Celebration

It is time to celebrate you. Birthdays are moments to celebrate. A birthday cheer to you on your birthday. Let the party roll on. Let the drinks keep coming in, let the music be load and let everyone keeps dancing.

Let the food and drinks be served and let the gifts keep coming in. You are worthy to be celebrated. You are one in a million. You are the best of your kind.

13. This Year’s Birthday

Your birthday this year is special. You can not go back to your birth, neither can you twirl back the earth or the hand of time to the past.Where I could be a little baby carried on your mother’s arms.
This year’s birthday bell has rung. This year will be different from the past. More joy, more success, more good news this year and beyond. It’s your day!

14. Joy to your Birthday

Joy and happiness to you on your birthday. There shall be no single tear. No one will cry and no one will weep. Today is the day set for you to start rejoicing. Today is like a day with a golden sky. I wish you joy to your birthday.

15. Here is to Light up Your Day

I wish that a light sun ray would spread its wings like a bird and fly to your way. Let the ray perch close to you and sing you sonorous birthday songs.

May your way be bright, brighter day by day. Let my birthday wishes light your way and may you never be in darkness.Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear you.

16. A Sister’s Birthday Wish

I will always be there to celebrate you on your birthday. Your girlfriend may come and go just like a stormy weather or a the harmattan season which was here and then was gone.

I may not have the best of a surprise to you today. May birthday wishes may not be the most emotional but know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your sister cares. Happy birthday, dear.

17. Birthday Surprise

On a birthday, surprises may be many. I don’t know what your idea of a surprise should be in spite that we have lived together for years. But I believe that there is nothing that can be bought that is more special than the love of a sibling.

I share my genuine love for you. I love you from the depth of my heart. You have been a stable companion for your twenty-one years on earth. I have had many friends and many lovers who have come and gone but you remain in my life. I love you deeply. Happy Birthday!

18. Sweet Brother

It’s your day my brother. Have a blast! Yes, enjoy your day. I lay my heart bare to you this year. Do you know that you are the best gift God has given me? You are such a sweet brother with a sweetheart.

I say a prayer of appreciation to God for giving me a sweet brother like you and for protecting you till today. May His blessings be with you forever. Happy twenty-first birthday.

Sweet 21st Birthday Letters
Sweet 21st Birthday Letters

19. Now A Grown Man

I usually thank God you were born into my family on your birthday every year. For without you in my life, life might be boring. I remember our little fights when we were younger. Those fights have brought us closer.

I will not forget how you defended me from that bully in our neighbourhood. You ran towards us and stood up to his face. How will I forget the very words of courage you uttered to him. My younger brother is now a grown man. I celebrate your birthday. Party on!

20. Birthday Remembrance

Today is another to remember the day you were added to our family. You were a bundle of joy wrapped up to be given to us as a special gift we could not love you less.

We remember your day of birth today. The little boy then has now become a grown man. I and your other siblings send our love to you. You are cherished.

21. Time to Brace Up

Happy twenty-first birthday. There will be many wishes today. While enjoying the birthday wishes and cheer, remember that it is now time to brace up. You are no longer a baby. Brace up and start taking bold steps towards your goals.

You are unlimited, go out, take charge and succeed. As we celebrate your birthday today, we shall celebrate your success too.

22. Older-Greater

You are getting older by each year. As each year brings new tests, I pray that you will pass each test. You have brought me out of my darkness several times and I pray that God will always bring people your way that will be there to help at every time you need help.

You are getting older each year, and you shall be getting greater as you get older. Greater you I pray. Hurray!

Cute 21st Birthday Letters
Cute 21st Birthday Letters

23. Birthday Wishes

My love for you my younger brother is unconditional. I’m glad that you are my brother. Happy birthday! It’s your birthday again.
It is time to wish you good things, May you see the wonder, may to enjoy the joy a birthday brings. I wish you the best of health and the best of luck in all you do, Mostly I wish you love and a life that is pure and true. Happy birthday!

24. Fragrance and Sweetness

It is sweet to celebrate. It is sweet like a honey drop. It is as loving as can be. You have a heart the size of an ocean, large enough to forgive easily and let go of hurt and heartaches.

You have a soul filled with fragrance and sweetness. You’re not just a song, you are a lifelong music. Your rhythm moves me to rise up, dance and sing. I am glad that you were born today. Happy Born Day.

25. My Handsome Birthday Boy

My handsome birthday boy is a great man in the making. He is my favourite younger brother who makes me proud. His presence in my life makes my life stunning and fill it with joy.

In good times and bad, he is usually there for me. We have share happy and sad moments together. He is always there to offers a hand of help. Happy birthday!

26. It’s Time

It is time to go for what you want. It is a great age to take chances and risks and do all you want to do.
Your creativity knows no bounds. You have the talent to be greater than Micheal Jackson in the music world. All that you will ever need is right inside of you. You are now bolder than before, so, use your courage to achieve success. Welcome to your year of success.

27. Prayers For Birthday

On your birthday, I choose to pray for you. I pray that love will rule and reign and pray that your birthday be epic. May you never settle for less, May your special day be special. May you be blessed with the best.May your dreams never die. May your wishes come true, May your birthday be ageless, May you be born anew and only happy birthdays ever after.

28. Twenty-first Birthday

It is your twenty-first birthday. I believe you are getting closer to your goals. The future holds a lot for you. It is the beginning of a new year which is an opportunity for you to chase your dreams so that they can come true.It is another chance to build solid relationships. Another chance to live out your plans. All glory to God for keeping you this far. Enjoy the day.

29. My Pride

My brother is my pride. I am not saying this just because today is your birthday. You have put smiles on my face with your achievements so far. I’m saying this today because a birthday gives the chance for to tell people how special the celebrant is. You are special.

You have created good memories for us. I can proudly talk about you in public. My friends envy me because a successful brother like you.

30. It is all About You

Shout it out loud. Make a noise of joy. Make way, let the cake be carried with care. Let the gifts start rolling in. Let the music play out loud. Today is all about you.

Feel free! Enjoy the attention we will give to you today. Do not shy away from it. Your birthday has brought you into the limelight. Enjoy the limelight, my dear celebrant.

31. Joyous Celebration

In the Joyous celebration of your birthday, I wish you many good things of life. I wish you all the good things in life.I wish you happiness through every circumstance. I wish you strength and I wish you courage.

I wish you a shoulder to lean on when sad. I wish you smiles for all the bad times. I wish you laughter when life is not fair. I wish you time to enjoy precious moments. I wish you memories you will want to share.

32. Dreams of Tomorrow

May your dreams about tomorrow start coming to reality as you celebrate your birthday today. I wish you success in all your dreams of tomorrow. I wish that they all come true. I wish you all these things.

May you do the things needed for your dreams to come true. May you start the appropriate steps needed. May I join in celebrating the realisation of your dreams as I join you to celebrate your twenty-first birthday today.

33. Brotherly Love

Your brother loves you today your birthday and always. I wish for you comfort on difficult days. I wish you joy when things are not going as planned. I wish you happiness and laughter when you are down.

I wish you warmth to your heart when you are heartbroken. I wish a good home in the nearest future. I wish you multiple flows of income. I wish that you become all that you wish your self. Happy birthday little brother.

34. Happy Birthday Dearie

You are dear to me. I give you a sibling’s hug when spirits sag. I send my friendship to brighten your gloomy days. I present beauty for your eyes to see and a beautiful wife to be. I give you the tenacity to forge on even when things seem rough.

You might not know that you are very special to me. Let me just tell you that I know that I am blessed to have you as my brother. Happy birthday, dearie.

35. Joy in the Air

There is joy in the air. There is the giggling of birthday bell. Let the camera keeps clicking to snap many birthday photo shoot. Let there be fun fare around my brother because today is all about him.

My brother is twenty-one today. Blow up the balloons, inflate them till they bust. It is just the sound of celebration. Enjoy dear brother.

36. Well Wishes on Your Birthday

I wish you positivity for every negativity. I wish you confidence for every doubt. I wish you faith so that you can believe. I wish you courage to know yourself. I wish you abundance for every setback I wish you patience to accept the truth.
I wish all that you wish yourself. Enjoy the day brother.

37. My Little Prayer

I pray this little prayer for you on your birthday. I pray that when the clouds threaten to come, you will see them no more. I pray that you say the right things as per time. I pray that you become all that you are created to be.

I pray that God aligns you with His divine plan for you. Happy birthday, brother.

38. Relax, it’s Your Day

There is joy when it is the birthday of a loved one. I wish for you, beauty. When the world has an ugly face. I wish for you, relaxation. I wish you fast in this life. I wish for you joy when hen you are feeling down.

You are special to me. I hold you in high esteem. I wish for you, a life that is filled with your needs. I wish for you, peace wherever your heart leads. I wish for you, passion. From within your kind heart.I wish for you, ecstasy. May my wishes come true.

39. Happy Birthday First Love

You are my lover in the family. You are your first love. I wish you nothing but good things, because, my love, you are my blood lover. You were with me when I have just started growing up and you are still part of my life for this twenty-first years.

We grew up day after day to share many aspects of life. I remember how you have been part of my everyday life then, sharing sorrows, sharing needs, sharing happiness, exchanging deeds. Happy birthday.

40. Celebrating Strength

You are younger but you are stronger. I celebrate your strength. You were there to defend your elder sister then. You were my backbone and we grow older. A brother can not love more than you do.

I celebrate your strength. I celebrate both your physical strength – your stamina and your internal strength, they are, your character strength. Let me tell you today, you have mentored me unconsciously. I have looked to you and that has helped me to develop my confidence too.

41. A life that Can Be Emulated

I have embraced the virtues you display and I have learned from your life. I celebrate your birthday today and I celebrate your life too.

You are a bundle of virtues. You have mastered yourself that you are capable to take actions that are right even if they do not match with what your emotions want. You have built your character that is big enough to accommodate any great achievement. Happy birthday.

42. The Day of Birth

Top of the morning to you, celebrant. Wishing us God’s best today, tomorrow and until Jesus comes. Nothing but very good success in your endeavours.
A serendipitous Happy Birthday to a son of destiny. Please grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God… Soar with greater grace.

43. A Brother Like No Other

Your type of life continues to inspire people like me. Your humility, hospitality, love and understanding is second to none thus far. You have continued to be a beacon of hope to us in one way or the other.

Pursuant to these premises among many others, the line cannot but continually fall unto you in pleasant places. I’m believing God for you that you ain’t seen nothing positively good yet because there are gamuts of feathers to your cap yet unworn, many degrees yet unbagged, many heights yet unattained. This is just the beginning of greater heights. Happy birthday.

44. A Message for You

I am sincerely missing not being with you now, but I’m trusting God that, not too long from now, we will see. It’ll be glorious! I wish the day could be today so that we could celebrate your birthday together but then, I celebrate you from here.

Let go of your worries. Concentrate on the present. Enjoy the joyous moment your birthday will bring. Enjoy your day dear brother.

45. My Brother and Friend

I celebrate your birthday my brother and friend. You are my sibling but also my closest friend. I cherish our pleasant conversation, our pleasant moment. You are always right by me. I know that you are my friend.
Like a lioness protecting her cub, you have been trying to protect me. I cherish everything about you. Happy birthday my brother and friend.

46. Cheers

Happy Birthday to my brother. May God continually strengthen you, keep you in good health and perfect all that concerns you. Happy birthday to you my darling, partner in success and playfulness. More of His grace.

Happy birthday, dear. Welcome to a new season of favour and abundance. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and prosperity. God’s blessing, grace and mercy shall fall on you more and more. Enjoy a brand new year full of God’s goodness on all sides.

47. Once in a Year

Birthday comes just once in a year, so, I will not let today go without reaching out to you and wish you well.
I will you joy, lucrative business, innovative ideas, happy relationship, good health, an abundance of cash, favour, blessings, happiness, courage, creativity, grace and all that you will ever need in life.

48. Happy Birthday to My Only Brother

Hip, hip, hip! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you as a brother. You are many good people in one. I have got a complete package in just one brother. The only man in the family.

As you are twenty-one today, go out and take control of goals. Go ahead and fulfil destiny. You have our back up. We will keep supporting you. You are too loaded to be overlooked. Enjoy today.

49. It’s Your Birthday

The music keeps playing while the rainbow crosses the sky. Colours fill the sky. Dance because it is your birthday.

Glow and bask in the glory of God. Let the world see His brightness in you. Reflect God’s affluence to the world today and beyond.

50. We Love You

There is joy and happiness in the air because it’s your birthday. Come, let’s celebrate. Come let’s sing and dance because it’s your birthday.

May this day bring you fond memories. May it bring you joy and cheers. Peace to you in every way. Your birthday is a special day for me and everyone in the family. We love you.

  • Written by: Oderinde Victoria.

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