Words for Son's 21st Birthday

Inspirational Words for Son’s 21st Birthday in 2020

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Heart Touching Words for Son’s 21st Birthday

As a parent that wants to celebrate his or her son on his birthday, the following touching quotes for son’s 21st birthday is designed just for you.

1. My son, the source of my joy. I’m not dazed that you’re 21 already, I’ve watched you grow and nurtured you. Its the early stage of your life, make very good use of it and I believe you would succeed. Happy birthday dear son.

2. ‎The more our year counts, the more we attain greater heights in life. Dear son, your 21st birthday isn’t just a date, its a level of growth that you have attained. I love you son, happy birthday.

3. ‎Birthdays are reminders that we get older day by day and we have so much to do with our lives. Son, happy 21st birthday to you I’m good health.

4. ‎I’ve watched you grow into a strong, young man and I know that clocking 21 today isn’t a child’s play. I commend you for staying through thick and thin for the past 21 years. I love you son. Happy birthday.

5. ‎Dear son, seeing you clock 21 today is a great joy to me and to our entire generation. I appeal to you to continue doing good and one day, you shall be rewarded. I love you son. Happy 21st birthday.

6. ‎Dear son, your age has increased again today, seeing you grow all these years had been a source of strength to me. You’re 21 already and I believe in you. Go and break forth. Happy 21st birthday.

7. ‎On your 21st birthday, may you have everything it takes to take whatever you want from life. It’s not an easy journey, but I believe you’d touch it! Happy 21st birthday son.

8. ‎Seeing and having you as part of me all these while had brought comfort to me. You’re one of the few I can boast of to have learned so much from life which I know would make you something better as you journey through life. Happy 21st birthday son.

9. ‎May every of your silent and personal wishes come to pass as you celebrate your 21st birthday. I hope you find love from those around you so you can be encouraged to move on. Dear son, you worth being inspired. Happy 21st birthday.

10. ‎As you clock 21 today son, dare to be unique in all you do. Dare to always face your fears till you overcome them. Dare anything that comes your way to success because that is what you really are. Happy 21st birthday to you, son.

11. ‎Happy birthday dear son. I need to let you know that there’s no other version of you, you’re the only one of your kind. Remain different as you are and see how far and fast you will go. Happy 21st birthday son.

12. ‎Just as today is unique being 21 years of age, dare to always be one of your kind. It’s going to keep you happy always. May you find happiness today and the rest of your lives. Happy 21st birthday son.

13. ‎Just as the tree beside the waters flourishes, you shall flourish.
Just as a flowing river never remains stagnant, you will progress, because it’s your portion, you deserve it! Happy 21st birthday my son.

14. Happy birthday not only to a son but to a great man in view. May you find peace, joy and inexplicable love everywhere you meet yourself. I love you son. Happy 21st birthday.

15. ‎Each year when you celebrate your birthday, I see the future ahead and see how great you’re going to become. It’s your 21st birthday and I’ve seen how great you’d become again, I hope this comes to fulfilment soon. Happy birthday, son.

16. ‎Everytime I see you getting older, I see a son getting more matured, handling issues with wisdom. It’s your 21st birthday and nothing has changed about that. Happy birthday, son, I love you.

17. ‎No matter how young you think you may be, no matter how inexperienced you think you may be, you deserve the best and great things out of life. Happy 21st birthday to my son who is going to be great. I love you.

18. ‎Being 21, you have become so valuable and you’ve learned so many priceless lessons but life is coming at a stage to dazzle you. I hope you gather strength to pull through, son. Happy 21st birthday my son.

19. ‎Son, I might not have been the best parent so far, but today being your 21st birthday I assure you that I’ll be the best I can be for you. I can’t wait to see you soar! Happy 21st birthday son.

20. ‎ A coward person loses opportunities because of fear but a fearless heart like you shows the courage to face fear straight in the face. I am wishing you the very best out of your 21st birthday. Happy 21st birthday dear son, I love you.

21. ‎Aspire to be the greatest in all you do so that if you fall, you become greater than all your peers. I ask for wings like that of eagle’s to soar high than your imaginations. Happy 21st birthday dear son.

22. ‎As you celebrate your 21st birthday, may you find peace from within, joy from within and love from around you. You’re the best son anyone could ever ask for. Happy 21st birthday son.

23. Patience is a virtue when attaining greatness. As you journey in life, learn to be patient in all you do and greatness would find you. Happy 21st birthday my beloved son. I love you.

24. ‎Attaining this age of yours with so many achievements has required so much diligence, excellence, patience and hard work. Keep at it son, never relent and you’d smile soon. Happy 21st birthday dear son.

25. ‎May this 21st birthday bring lots of strength you need to conquer all life’s riddles. You’re more than greatness itself. Happy 21st birthday son.

26. ‎It takes patience, endurance, knowledge and wisdom to be successful in life. I ask that God grant you all of it because I can’t wait to see you soar. Happy 21st birthday dearest son.

27. Every time I see you, I smile because you have always been our pride. You may not know what you have achieved but believe me, it’s wider than we ever imagined. Happy 21st birthday lovable son.

28. ‎I pray for resounding wisdom for you in all facets of your life, more than you have ever needed, so you can sail through life’s dreading ocean. You’re one of the best things that had happened to me. Happy 21st birthday my son, my strength.

29. ‎May you find God in your race in life because only Him can give you the Grace needed to scale through the hurdles of life. My son, happy 21st birthday. I love you!

30. ‎I ask that may you always triumph in this race called life, you will never stumble. Keep making me proud dear son. Happy 21st birthday. I love you wholeheartedly.

  • Written By Ojeniran Gbemileke.

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