Letter to My Son on His 21st Birthday

Letter to My Son on His 21st Birthday (from Mother or Father) in 2019

It’s your son’s 21st birthday today and the only thought running through your mind is, “how time flies”. Your little boy is now a grown man and he, more than anything, wants to prove how much he has grown to you.

As his father, you still have a few words for him; some things you’d like him to know, but you are not able to gather your thoughts to write that meaningful tribute the way it is in your mind.

We have saved you that stress. There are thirty tributes from which you can choose any to write to your son on his 21st birthday.

Letter to My Son on His 21st Birthday

Here are the lovely happy 21st birthday letters you can send to your son as he is clocking 21 years of age today.

1. I am Proud of You
Dear Son,
I am a proud father because I have you. You have brought me nothing but joy and peace from the first day. Sometimes, I wish you would always be here but my greatest wish is that you would grow up to be bigger, better, wiser and stronger than I am. Happy birthday.

2. Man Needs Courage
My son, I have watched you grow right from a foetus to babyhood, then childhood to teenage, and now you have grown into adulthood. You are now a man, like me. I want you to know that it takes one thing to be a man – courage. You need the courage to be exceptional, undaunting, and successful. As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, aspire to be courageous alongside other profitable virtues. I love you, son.

3. Keep Growing
To be a man, they say, is not a day’s job. It has taken you 21 solid years to become a man. But, don’t stop growing, son. The day a man stops growing, he starts dying. Keep your spirit, soul and body alive always. There is always more to achieve. I wish you a fulfilling year ahead.

4. Stay Tough
Happy birthday, son. I and your mother have nurtured you these 21 years and it’s now your turn to look out for and after yourself. The world out there is tough and challenging but we are sure that you are tougher through the training we have given you. It is our desire that, you will conquer the world around you and bring home the trophy. We trust you to make us proud. Will you?

5. A Step Higher
Bravo, son! You have passed the test of teenage. Teenage is one period that brings anxiety to parents; I was not left out. But you did not disappoint us – I and your mom. The virtues you have both learned and imbibed in your teenage are the same virtues you’ll need for the many years ahead, only that in higher quantity. Don’t forget any of the lessons we have taught you, and I assure you that you will be grateful for them.

21st Birthday Letter to Son From Mother

Below are touching 21st birthday letters from my mother to son that you can send to your son as he is becoming 21 years of age today.

6. My Greatest Blessing
When I count my blessings, I count you topmost. Having you has brought me boundless joy; I couldn’t have asked for more. It is my desire that you will be a blessing everywhere you go and be blessed in turn. Happy birthday, son.

7. Boy to Man
Boy to man! You made it to adulthood! And it’s yet another year. Let this year be reflective for the years ahead. There are more hurdles to climb, bigger responsibilities to bear, and greater feats to achieve. It’s not the time to be slack, rather it’s the time to go all out and give it all it takes. Happy 21st birthday!

8. Don’t You Stay A Boy
Boys want money; men get wealth. Boys go after girls; men find the right women for themselves. Boys care less; men are discreet. I urge you, on your 21st birthday, to desire and get the virtues that are worthy of a man. Daddy cares.

9. A Father’s Prayer
One request today, Lord. Make my son to be indeed an arrow in my hand, to bear the fort which I have upheld to this day. Grant him a shield to ward off the fiery darts of the strange one. Keep him from the wiles of the enemy. You have my warm wishes, son. Happy 21st birthday.

10. I Believe in You
To the strength of my youth, my first fruit, the rising of my sun, everything within me blesses You today. I am confident in the strength and power you wield. I have trust in your decision making skill. The prowess of your intelligence and wisdom puts me at rest. As you clock 21 today and onwards, may your days shine brighter than the sun, your paths be filled with milk and honey, your life be decorated with bliss and harmony. I love you, son. Happy birthday.

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21st Birthday Letter to Son From Father

Let your son know that you are proud of him as he is clocking 21 today. Wish him happy 21st birthday with the following happy 21st birthday from father to son.

11. If I could, I’d open my heart so that you will see how much I would love you to know as you embark on this “journey” through adulthood. A father’s desire is for his son to go farther than he did. I don’t wish any less. And although you may have to go and explore your own world, know that I will always find it a pleasure to guide you through any time you come calling. My heart is with you always, son. Happy birthday.

12. Dear Son,
When boys fall, they look forward; but when men fall, they look backwards. Men look backwards to examine the cause of their fall so as to avoid it subsequently. There are times you will fall but whenever you do fall, don’t stay on the ground. Look back to examine why you fell, pick yourself back up and forge ahead. Don’t forget the lesson learned from the fall, that way, you will minimize failures. I wish you a happy 21st birthday and really successful years ahead.

13. To my son on his 21st birthday, I wish you could remain a boy. I love to have you within my reach, asking me loads and loads of questions, showing me your creative arts, doing your favourite sports with you. But no, I have a greater wish, that as you have stepped into the cloak of manhood, you will be strong enough to stand for yourself. Although I wish to always be around you when you are in need, I wish more greatly for you to be strong enough to go through those needy times. Never forget, however, that you are always in my heart and I am continually praying for you.

14. I am the happiest man alive today. You know why? I have been able to train my boy to be a man. Son, don’t forget all that you have learned: integrity, faith, selfless service, generosity, humility and congeniality. Most of all, life is best lived by faith. No matter what happens, do not lose your faith. Grow in it as you would need it to hold you up when the times are down. Guard your heart with the shield of joy – it will see you through the dark times. Happy birthday, son.

15. Once asked one reason why I love my son, I replied, “He is the glory of my rising”. Son, you are glorious and I relish the privilege to be called your father. Thank you for always making me proud. Your mother is proud of you too. I decree today as you celebrate your 21st birthday, that you will never be a source of shame to us, the nation and your generation. Your light will not go dim and greater feats than I’ve achieved, you will achieve. Happy birthday.

16. Dear Son,
From the time you knew me as your father, you have made me your hero. Nothing gladdens my heart more than this – knowing that you esteemed me that highly. Truly, you have been a great son too. As your 21st birthday approached, I thought of what I can give you to commiserate this day. Silver and gold do not match up although they are nonetheless important. So I decided to pass the baton of faith to you. Hope (or faith) is what gets us through the trying times. It helps you to see that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Keep your faith alive and your journey through life will be less daunting. Happy birthday.

17. Happy birthday, son. If I could, I’d write a book on how to get through life but I can’t. I’ll just go straight ahead to tell you this important thing: happenings in life may be so fierce so much to make you sway. Situations will spur you to be anxious. Challenges will push you to worry but through it all, choose to maintain your calm. When nothing is working, pray. When it’s all working, don’t forget to pray too. You will find peace for your soul by so doing.

18. It isn’t easy to be 21. Twenty-one cheers to you, son. I pray for yet another twenty-one set of victories ahead. Achieve greatness and do exploits going onward. I wish you all the best, son. Happy birthday!

19. Joy fills my heart immensely today, knowing that you have really grown. You have successfully gone through teenage without yielding yourself to its exuberance. 21 is huge and it comes with higher tests. You want to know one tip that kept me? I stayed away from licentious living. Follow that part and earn yourself a peaceful life. Happy birthday.

20. My baby boy is now a man! You have stepped into adulthood. I am proud to say, “Welcome to the club of men”. Look, this is the stage of your life where your hormones will rage. Your body will make demands of you, but dare to make decisions with your head, not your heart. Make a decision to overcome the ‘fight’ whenever it comes. That’s all you need – decisiveness. Cheers!

Letter to Son on 21st Birthday

Send this amazing 21st birthday wishes and quotes to your son on his birthday to show him you care so much about him with all is within you as a father.

21. Your birthday has been special to me right from the first year. As the clock ticked and the hour hand struck 12, I walked to your room. I wished you were there – and I really miss you being a little boy, running into my embrace each time I approached the front door; the look in your eyes when I rock you to sleep; the numerous inquisitive questions you ask me. Standing in your room, I took in a deep breath and faced reality – you are now grown, no more “daddy’s little boy”. My desire is that you become a successful man. Happy 21st birthday, son.

22. Son, how does it feel to be twenty-one after a long ride of twenty years? How does it feel to be over being a sweet little boy? How does it feel to be over watching those animated cartoons and flying the paper kite around the house? I trust you feel really great about it. I know you have set goals and those goals are really high – I saw the sheet where you wrote them one day I was looking for something in your room. You have set timelines for those goals; that’s applaudable. Now, you may be tempted to get anxious as the timelines you set start to draw close. Don’t give in, son. No matter what happens, I need you to know this: live life as it comes albeit intentionally. Don’t be too worried that life slips by you without you knowing it. You must work hard but you should learn to enjoy life too. Happy birthday, son.

23. I am very proud of you, son and I choose this day to tell you how much I believe in you. In the past few years, you have kept faith and virtue. You have made decisions that put my mind at rest. You have taken steps that filled me with so much pride to be called your father. On your 21st birthday, I urge you to keep the bars raised. Don’t lower your standards; don’t lessen your values; don’t trade your good virtues, not for anything the world offers, because they define you. I will always pray for you. Happy birthday to you.

24. It’s your 21st birthday and I dare say that I am the happiest man today. Why not? It is the joy of every father to watch his son grow into a man – a responsible man. The joy of having an adult son and that, one who conformed to his father’s grooming of him, is immense. Now, you have taken a bold step to be independent. Gone are the years when you would ask me or your mom to choose for you or rely on us to make decisions for you. You have to do these on your own now. My son, it is my wish that you will always find wisdom every time you need it. Nevertheless, you can be sure that whenever you can’t find your way around a situation, I’ll be more than willing to walk you through it. Happy birthday.

25. A leap into the 21st year of one’s life is a leap to a higher call. It requires deeper levels of discipline. Son, don’t lose hold of all you have learnt from me, rather dig deep into them. Have a happy birthday, son.

26. Son, I miss having you around. I miss celebrating your birthday with you. On a day like this, when we’d visit an interesting site that you choose. I miss swinging you over my shoulders and hearing you laugh and scream as I tickle you. But more, I am glad at the man you have grown into – a man who doesn’t need daddy to hold him anymore; a man who dares to achieve great feats; a man who makes wise decisions. Don’t stop making me proud, son. Happy 21st birthday.

27. Happy birthday to my son of inestimable worth. You have come to a point where we can trust to make decisions based on your own instincts. I and your mom knew you had grown when we realized how you do many things without asking for our help. We are proud of you. Here’s to your 21st year. Cheers!

28. Dear son,
We are grateful to God for giving us you. Today is your 21st birthday and that gladdens our hearts even more. Thank you for being a blessing. You make us proud by the beautiful virtues you uphold. Thank you for representing our family well. We are thankful to God for giving us an intelligent, supportive, respectful, cooperative and wise son as you. Happy birthday to you.

29. As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, I want you to hold on to these lessons. Life may not go as you expect it to all the time. Things may happen beyond your comprehension. No matter what happens, never live life in a rush. Go through each process once at a time. Don’t be in a hurry to be 22 that you lose out on how to be 21. Guard your heart through your experiences. Remember, your experiences do not define you, you are the one who decides what they make of you. Happy birthday.

30. Son, I know you are a man now. I know you are not likely to tell me everything as you used to. You may not even run to me for help anymore. However, I want you to know that you can always reach out to me anytime. You are a strong man but I will be pleased to help you hold up when you feel like you are about to burn out. Yes, I am your father but I don’t mind being your pally now that you are grown. To your 21st year, cheers!

  • Written By Ajiki Christiana.

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