Happy Birthday to My 21 Year Old Son

2020 Best Wishes to Say Happy Birthday to My 21 Year Old Son

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A parent’s love for their son is beyond words and that is what will make a mother or father wish their son a happy 21st birthday. Every parent loves to see their son grow as they see a part of themselves in their son.

21 is a good age to celebrate and it will be nice having your son smile on his special day.

Happy Birthday to My 21 Year Old Son

1. Dear son, watching you grow has been the delight of my heart. You are now a man, I hope you realize that though? I celebrate my son on his 21st birthday!

2. It’s been 21years of tolerating you as my child and as my competitor with your mom. I want you to know that I love you so much and I pray your days will be blessed.

3. Son, you are 21 today and all I wish for you is that you grow and be a better man than I am. Have a blessed 21st birthday!

4. Having a son like you is a blessing. I’m glad you have grown to be a great man. Happy 21st birthday to my son!

5. Your plans for your future will be fulfilled. You will experience peace on all sides. 21 will look good on you and you will grow till you are well aged. I celebrate you, my son.

6. My heart leaps for joy as I recall your birth. You are a gift to this family that I will forever cherish. Keep growing strong dear son. Happy 21st birthday!

7. See reasons to be mature daily cause maturity is not by age. I wish you success in all you do at 21 and always. Happy Birthday, son!

8. You are the joy of your parents and my strength, my delight and my joy. I pray that you will always be to me till I bade earth farewell. Happy 21st birthday my son!

9. We live not just to exist, but to do the best we can while we still have the strength. You are 21 today and there is a whole life ahead of you. Happy Birthday my son!

10. Do not get carried away with emotions. Sometimes they are there to distract us, but some are there to make us wise. I pray you will daily discern between the two as you grow. Happy 21st birthday my son!

Happy Birthday Son 21 Years Old

11. Remove grief, bitterness and every hurt you might have within your heart and replace it with joy and happiness as you celebrate your 21st birthday. Make it a memorable day dear son!

12. Be true to yourself and hold on to God daily as you live. I wish you many more 21 years in the triple and double fold.

13. See this day as a great day and feel every moment all the way. Happy 21st birthday my son!

14. God will help you fix every odd you might have gotten yourself into and He will lead you to perfection. Your 21st birthday is blessed, my son!

15. Your past shouldn’t go with you. It doesn’t belong to you anymore and you don’t have to enter this new age with regrets. Dust it off and embrace 21 with determination to be better. Happy 21st birthday to my son!

16. I’m the most blessed man to have a successful young man at the 21 as my son. Keep walking the path of excellence.

17. I’m growing old by the day and same for you my son. Time waits for no one. Do what you have to do now and stand your ground to be the best version of yourself. Happy 21st birthday to you!

18. I can read the excitement in your eyes to attain 21 today. I share in this joy and I wish you a life of peace. Happy 21st birthday dear son!

19. Celebrate and make your 21st birthday memorable. You would never have another 21st birthday again. Have a fun-filled celebration son.

20. Time will tell when you will have your own child, but I know your future is bright already. Have a happy 21st birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday 21 Year Old Son

21. Love, live, celebrate, work, do the things that seem impossible and leave the rest to God. But through it all, never stop believing in your Maker. Happy 21st birthday my son!

22. Don’t get carried away today. Celebrate and have fun, but don’t forget to watch your mode of celebrating. Happy 21st birthday my son!

23. Grace to excel in all your ways and to walk the positive path I pray for you as you celebrate your 21st birthday. Happy Birthday, son!

24. God has kept you safe till now and saved you from all harm. I pray God will continue to be your help at all times. Happy 21st birthday my son!

25. Your mom and I did a great job on you and we are proud of the man you are becoming. Happy 21st birthday son!

26. Gradually you are growing into a man. Be careful not to make the mistakes I made and even if you do, quickly learn from it and move on. Happy 21st birthday my son!

27. You are growing to look more like me by the day. I still remember how awesome I was at 21 and you are not different. God bless your new age son.

28. Thoughts of optimism will fill your heart and envelope your soul today as you celebrate. Happy 21st birthday my son!

29. See, I always admire our resemblance and I feel I have a part of me in the world and in a younger body. Live your life purposefully dear son. Happy 21st birthday!

30. I pray that you will always have a better tomorrow. Blessings and favour in all your path. Keep the fire burning within you, son! Happy 21st birthday!

My Son’s 21st Birthday

31. My son, walk in the way that is right and you will always have peace. Even if it doesn’t make sense, it will be better than trying your hand on evil. Have a great day 21st birthday dear son!

32. You are 21 today and you already look older. I guess You have been overfeeding on some food I don’t know about. Have fun today son!

33. Work to make sure you don’t have to leave yourself in a state of despair. Have a blessed 21st birthday!

34. You know that you mean so much to me? Please be the best you can be and age gracefully. Happy 21st birthday!

35. I have a whole lot of gifts to give you today, but you growing to be successful is more important to me. Happy 21st birthday to you, son!

36. I can give you all you desire in the world, but if I fail to put you through, the gifts will be worthless to you. Be good! Happy 21st birthday son!

37. The day is here to celebrate my son 21st birthday! I love you son!

38. God has kept you for us in this family and I’m glad to be here for your 21st birthday! God bless your new age son!

39. Thank you for understanding me when I was not too good a father. I pray you find peace in all your ways as you age. Happy 21st birthday son!

40. You left your stubbornness behind and I’m glad you’re not stepping into this new age with it. Happy 21st birthday son!

My Son Turns 21 Today

41. Counting the years and I’m counting 21 today. You are a blessed child. I wish you a beautiful 21st birthday!

42. I greatly rejoice for the man I found in you. Don’t lose sight of what you should be. Happy 21st birthday son!

43. Keep growing. Learn from your failures and don’t make the same mistake twice. Happy 21st birthday my son!

44. You are the best of your kind. Keep being real and never lose sight of your goals. I see greatness in you. Happy 21st birthday son!

45. Let God be your guide and you will never regret it. Have a Happy 21st birthday son!

46. You are victorious and blessed in your endeavours. I celebrate the man you are becoming! I wish you all the best as you celebrate your 21st birthday son!

47. I’ll forward my gifts to you later in the day, but I hope I can get a bite of cake from you too? Happy 21st birthday dear son!

48. I know I don’t always say this, I love you dear son and you mean a lot to me. Happy 21st birthday!

49. I do not regret having a son like you as mine. You are all shades of awesomeness. Keep radiating in goodness. Happy 21st birthday son!

50. Not only will you prosper, but you will leave great momentum that will speak well of you. I celebrate your 21st birthday son!

  • Written By Aaron Fikayomi.

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