2024 Cute Happy 21st Birthday Grandson Wishes

‘Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him’. Psalm 127:3
God has given you a great heritage, offspring(s) you have raised and released to start their own family.

Having invested the most productive period of your life on your precious children, when they all flew the nest, the house became empty without them. A void, an emptiness sets in.

Then, the children start having children, and you become a grandparent. Oh, what joy!

‘ Children’s children (grandchildren) are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children’. Proverb 17:6. Now, you have a chance to share in the joy of nurturing the grandchildren.

Thus taking the edge off the loneliness of old age, you happily create memories with these little ones and enjoy so much comfort in your dotage.

Your grandson is twenty-one years old, you desire so much to say something nice and memorable to him as a young adult, don’t look too far. These should help. Lots to choose from.

Happy 21st Birthday Grandson

1. Happy birthday to my baby boy.
Today’s is a special day, for an extraordinary grandson.
It’s not just your birthday, but your coming of age.
Today, you cease to be a boy.
You are a man, my perfect gentleman!

2. To a wonderful grandson, the happiest birthday to you.
Today is your special day.
A day that you officially become a man, and you are given wings to fly, to soar, as you test the water of reality, of life outside the protective wings of your parents, and prying eyes of your doting grandma.
Love you so much, my amiable grandson.
May you soar and never crash.

4. Happy birthday to my doting grandson.
On this special occasion of your 21st birthday, may you receive divine direction that will help you to chart a clear path to a successful and fulfilling future.
As you step into adulthood, may your star continue to shine brightly without dimming.
Congratulations, my pumpkin!
Grandma loves you with all her heart!

5. Happy birthday to my darling grandson!
How you have grown too quickly!
My chubby dimpled, wide-eyed grandson, all grown to become a man, a complete gentleman.
A graduate, shrewd businessman, suave and smart, the golden boy with the Midas touch!
May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you, may you fulfil the purpose and attain greater heights, by God’s grace.
The sky isn’t your limit, so reach for the stars, it’s all yours!

6. Happy birthday to my adorable grandson at twenty-one.
On this special day of yours, may the heavens open up for you and shower you with abundant blessings and all that you need for a successful walk in your chosen path.
Congrats, my boy!

7. It seems like days ago when I got the best news ever: my first grandson’s arrival to the world!
I was unbelievably happy, giddy with joy, even.
I was so eager to be with you, that I took an interminable leave of absence from work.
Seeing you in your crib, sleeping contentedly, was a sight for ‘sore eyes’.
When you woke up, looked at me with those wonderful eyes of yours, beaming delightedly at me, it was love at first sight!
Over the years, the bond and love we share haven’t diminished, instead, it grew!
Today, you are all grown up!
Ready to leave your parents’ protective arms, relinquishing grandma’s staying hold…
Happy 21st birthday, my darling boy! May you sweep the world off its feet and enjoy the very best of life.

8. How the years have swiftly rolled by!
Reminiscing about the past brings nostalgic thought about you as a child.
You were so unrepentantly mischievous!
So full of life and adventures plus lots of misadventures!
Keeping me on my toes when you visit.
I’m so proud of the man you have become.
So calm, responsible and intelligent.
Congratulations to my lovely grandson, on your 21st birthday.
May all your dreams become reality!

9. Happy Twenty-first birthday to my grandson.
Your conception was divine!
Your birth was a miracle!
Your journey into adulthood, a delightful experience!
As you mature into the man God has ordained you to be, may you be filled with wisdom to negotiate every tricky turn and bend in your path.
I pray that your future will be more glorious than your pass.
Congratulations, my honey pie!

10. What a glorious day!
I know you are more than excited, it’s a special day for a special one.
Happy birthday to my buttered sandwich!
I congratulate you on your twenty-first birthday celebration.
You are all grown up, tall and handsome, with that cute moustache, trimmed just so, like your dads!
You can’t wait to flex your muscles, already you have shown such excellent talents, abilities and manners.
The sky isn’t your limit, fly like an eagle, fly my joy!
Have a fun filled day!!

Grandson 21st Birthday Wishes

11. Hurrah, my chocolate jam is twenty-one today!
Happy birthday to my darling grandson!
A baby of yesteryears, now a fully grown man.
When I come visiting your parents, as a toddler, you’d crawl into my waiting arms, smiling from ears to ears in that your special way.
“Granma, sing”, you’d command, and of course, I’d comply by cradling you in my arms, singing lullabies till you were fast asleep.

12. Wow! The day is finally here!
The much awaited day, that seems to be crawling so slowly, in your eagerness to become a man.
I’m as excited as you are, perhaps more so.
Happy birthday to my grandson.
21st birthday is a perfect age.
Now, you are free to have your own apartment, drive a car of your choice and do all those fancy things you’d always dreamed of.
Now, you get to have all the fun, live life to the fullest with a healthy dose of responsibility.
Catch fun, my darling!

13. Happy 21st birthday to my grandson.
It’s incredible. Really, it’s just like days ago when your dad called to inform me of the king’s royal arrival into the world.
Indeed, you are a king in every area.
The years have rolled away so fast, and you are now all grown up into full maturity.
I celebrate you, my baby boy!
May the Lord satisfy your desires with good things.

14. It’s your day, my handsome grandson.
Happy 21st birthday to you, my pumpkin.
I cherish every moment we spend together when you come visiting during your holidays.
You were such a delightful boy: wilful, but caring. Obedient and inquisitive. Adventurous and naughty to boot.
Such wonderful memories to keep me company as you build a new life, all yours.
Walk in godly and smart counsels, be wise in all your dealings. Don’t be afraid to seek wisdom.
Make me to be extra proud of you, grandma is contingents on you.
Have a swell time, love.

15. Happy 21st birthday, my loving grandson.
I feel blessed to have you, my baby.
Really, today you are no more a baby, but a full-blown adult.
As you start this journey, here is to wish you precious memories from lessons learned in life, great friends and amazing loved ones, who will always be there for you through thick and thin.
Congratulations, my boy!

16. Wow, my darling grandson is twenty-one years today!
Happy birthday to you, my sunshine!
From now on, as you make your own decisions and carve out your path, may life grant you the best in all your pursuits.
Best wishes on your birthday, dear!

17. Happy birthday to my dear grandson.
From crybaby to bubbling toddler to delightful adolescence to a full grown young man, grandma’s heart is bursting with pride.
I’m so proud of you, dearie.
May you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
What others pursue recklessly, will be at your beck and call.

18. Happy birthday to my cherished grandson.
It’s been amazing watching you grow, learn and mature as you chase your dreams with the power to achieve greatness.
Greatness is in you, an integral part of your heritage, so reach for the moon.
Dare the impossible, exploit your possibilities.
On this 21st birthday of yours, may your joy be full and your days be long.

19. Happy 21st birthday to my dear grandson.
The one that knows when grandma is down and knows how to put a smile on my face.
My constant companion, and ‘ tag along’.
You have always been outstanding in your studies, manners, and every undertaken by you.
Hitting another milestone calls for celebration, congratulations!

20. Happy birthday to my dear grandson.
Congratulations, on your twenty-first birthday celebration.
May you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.
Now that you are officially an adult, may you be wiser and wealthier than King Solomon.
In this world of moral decadence and sexual immorality, my prayer is that you’ll be as chaste and upright as Job.
May your latter years surpass all the blessings of your past, in Jesus’ name.
Grandma loves you loads!

Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old Grandson

21. To a most wonderful grandson, a happy and hearty birthday wishes to you.
Congratulations, my little guy, (oops! big guy) on your 21st birthday celebration.
I can’t believe that my Prince is now a King, ready to ascend the throne and rule his world with eagerness!
May you rule with great counsel, and reign unencumbered, in peace, prosperity and joy.
Love you so much.

22. Happy birthday to my loving grandson.
I’m so proud of the man you have become.
Looking at the perfect gentleman that you are now, no one would suspect you had a wild childhood and a troubled adolescence.
Life experiences have taught you so much hard lessons, but you came out with excellent character, focus and determination to be a better person.
Indeed, your parents and I are cheering you on as you celebrate this 21st birthday gig.
May your joy be continually filled to the brim, and peace limitless.

23. Many years ago, I got a much-awaited news: the arrival of a special king!
You were the best gift God ever gave your parents and me.
Having waited for so long without a baby, you came like the miracle you are, to wipe away your mum’s shame and dad’s sorrow.
How we love and adore you!
You grew up as an only child without fussing or being overly pampered, and you have turned out to be all that we ever hoped for and more.
May you live long, responsibly and well.
Enjoy your day, my prince.

24. Happy birthday to my adorable grandson.
I cherish every moment of your precious time on earth.
You are a priceless Jewel to your parents and grandparents.
A more noble grandson is hard to find.
I call you, ‘my little gentleman’ because you are such a well-mannered, cool-headed young man even when you were young.
Not so little anymore, my young man.
All grown up, you are!
Congratulations, love, on your twenty-first birthday!

25. Happy birthday to the newest gentleman in the house!
Congratulations, ‘my cool as a cucumber’ and dashing grandson!
I celebrate with you on your coming of age, may you be celebrated in this world and beyond.
Flyboy, and soar like an eagle, it’s in you!
Explore the beauty in your world, and make it a better place; it’s your call.
Your grandma is waiting for your star to shine.
Love you, my sweetie!

26. Happy 21st birthday celebration to the world’s best grandson.
Always checking up on me via calls and visits.
Ever ready to listen to old and worn out tales, always eager to make life comfortable for grandma, even from a tender age.
As you become an adult today, may you be celebrated by your generation and beyond.
May posterity celebrate a truly amazing being, as I do.
Congratulations, honeypie!

27. A birthday is a joyous time of celebration.
Today is your twenty-first birthday, so it’s a double celebration for an uncommon grandson.
Naturally endowed with good looks, common sense, and intellect. Sensitive and caring.
Gracious and kind.
It’s official; you are now a man, congratulations, enjoy your day!

28. Happy 21st birthday to you, my Prince.
It’s your day, enjoy it.
These past few months, you’ve worked so hard to achieve daunting goals, without relenting.
I’m so proud of your milestone achievements, so today is a great day to celebrate a worthy grandson.
May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you, in Jesus’ name.

29. It’s official, my grandson is now an adult, hurrah!!!
Congratulations, honey!
Your doting grandma celebrates with you on your twenty-first birthday.
As you take on the world on your own, know that you aren’t really alone… the Lord is with you. What’s more, you can always count on the unflinching love and support of your parents and grandparents.
We’ll always be there for you. When you seem so far and our loving arms can’t reach for a comforting hug, Jehovah Shamma is there… for you.

30. Congratulations, my darling grandson on your twenty-first birthday celebration!
On this special day of yours, my prayer for you is for God’s guidance, protection and abundant provision for you in all facet of life.
Being a man takes grace, means patience and spells tenacity of purpose with unwavering determination, plus focus.
From here on, your life is mostly what you make of it.
So, take charge! Take responsibility!!
The world is waiting for your manifestation, it’s all yours, love!

21st Birthday Wishes for Grandson

31. Happy birthday to my darling grandson.
It’s your day, so I celebrate with you with a merry heart.
It’s your twenty-first birthday bash, you have my best wishes.
As you transition fully into adulthood, remember the son of whom you are.
Hold fast to all the values your patents imparted in you as part of your upbringing.
Let these core values I constantly ring in your ears, be an integral part of you: honesty, handwork, integrity, and focus.
Love you to the moon and back.

32. It’s time to celebrate!
Happy 21st birthday to my industrious grandson!
On this special day of yours, my joy knows no bound.
My love for you, an endless sea wave!
You have made me proud, my savvy young man.
Your parents aren’t ever tired of singing your praises.
You are a great role model to your siblings.
May your light continue to shine gloriously in Jesus’ name.
Congratulations, my dearest!

33. Long before you were conceived, hours upon hours were spent praying for you.
Little wonder your life has always been one of unending testimonies and wonders.
Hallelujah, my miracle grandson is of age!
Congratulations, my miracle grandson, on your twenty-first birthday celebration!
May you continue to bring glory to the name of the Lord, all the days of your life.
Lot’s of love, my darling!

34. What a glorious day!
What an awesome, wonder-filled day!!
My honeybuns is now a man, it’s official!!!
Happy 21st birthday celebration to my grandson.
Hurrah, this calls for champagne and a grand ball fit for a prince!
Congratulations, love!

35. I am the most blessed grandmother in the world, so I can’t help but thank God for His faithfulness.
Hurray! My grandson is twenty-one years old today!!
To my sweet baby boy, happy birthday to you.
You are a mover, a shaker and an achiever, sometimes things don’t work according to plan despite your best input.
Great things take time, so be patient, do not be too hard on yourself.

36. Happy twenty-first birthday to my charming grandson.
You are a rare gem, an uncommon achiever, a grandson to be proud of!
As you take tentative steps into adulthood, be bold and courageous.
Take the reins of your life without fear, you are indomitable!
I wish you long life and prosperity. Congrats, dear!

37. Happy 21st birthday, my dearest grandson.
Your birthday presents an opportunity to appreciate God for the best gift ever: You!
Darling boy, you are the reason behind my many smiles, joy and grateful heart.
Your love touches and transforms lives.
Now that you are your own man, may you run and not be weary.
Your generosity, kindness, and compassion will harvest favour and grace for you, as you tread this path to greatness, in Jesus’ name.

38. Happy birthday, my boy!
I congratulate you on the occasion of your twenty-first birthday celebration.
You have been looking forward to this day, so I know you are super excited.
Twenty-first birthday celebration is significant.
Now, you get to make your own decisions, without parental or granny’s interference- only prepare to get ‘unsolicited advice’.
You also get to be on your own, but never far from our loving hearts and arms.
You get to do your thing your own way, your moral upbringing is your constant guide.
I commit your ways into God’s hands, He’ll prosper it in Jesus’ name.

39. Happy twenty-first birthday to a most loving grandson.
What a charming and savvy young man you have become!
Becoming a man is a real test of values, convictions and proper upbringing, may you excel without fail in Jesus’ name.
You are a pacesetter and a visionary, may you achieve greatness and fulfil purpose by God’s special grace.

40. Happy birthday, my darling boy!
Twenty-first birthday celebrations are superbly special.
Today, you are unequivocally a man.
A man of worth and substance!A man of integrity!
An upright and trustworthy man!
Hardworking, enterprising and purposeful!
Congratulations, my bubbling grandson!

21st Birthday Messages to My Cute Grandson

41. Happy twenty-first birthday celebration to a noble grandson.
Now that you are officially a man, I have no cause to be fretful about your future.
Your parents taught you so well, they must be proud of you.
My dearest boy, you have always been responsible and mature.
Life may take a roller coastal turn, so don’t be anxious or take your self too seriously.
Life is also meant to be enjoyed, so find time to relax and do fun things.
It’s your special day, grandson. So, catch fun and enjoy yourself!

42. Happy birthday to my dear grandson.
On this your twenty-first birthday, may you receive favour for an outstanding life.
May your light shine without dimming.
May you soar without crashing.
When you stumble or fall, may you receive grace and help to stand firm.
As you become an adult today, may your path be graced by godly friends and far from reckless fellows.
Congratulations, love!

43. Congratulations to my dear grandson on the occasion of your twenty-first birthday celebration!
May you excel beyond your expectations.
May you receive a discerning spirit, so as to distinguish wrong from right.
May you be man enough to stand for what’s right.
May you be strong enough not to tread the path of recklessness.
May the Lord bless you real good.

44. Happy birthday, dear grandson if mine.
It’s your twenty-first birthday, so let’s celebrate with grateful hearts and merry souls.
You are now an adult, but you have achieved so much at a time some of your contemporaries struggle through school.
A graduate with many awards to your credit.
Postgraduate degree and a successful business concern.
Juicy offers from multinational companies but focused on your passions.
Truly, we have lots to be grateful for.

45. Happy birthday to my beloved grandson.
What a lovely day to celebrate a lively and caring grandchild!
Today, you are twenty-one years old, all grown up!
Now that you an adult, know that ‘Responsibility’ is essential.
Youthful exuberance must give way to maturity.
Slow and steady wins the race, without cutting corners.
Self-reliance shut the door against unhealthy expectations.
I know you will do exceptionally well, grandma us ‘rooting’ for you.

46.Hearty congratulations to a worthy grandson, on the occasion of your twenty-first birthday celebration.
I rejoice with you today, my darling.
I’m confident of your innate ability to succeed.
It’s in you, you are an outstanding star!
I’m also sure of your wisdom in overriding the storm of youthful exuberance and clutching grip of peer pressure.
You are in a unique race to fulfil destiny, so run it with diligence.
You aren’t competing with anyone, focus on your goal.
Congrats, love!

47. Happy birthday to a very special person!
Congratulations to my darling grandson on your twenty-first birthday celebration.
It’s time to fly the nest, so fly!
It’s time to discover the extent of your abilities, without clipping your wings, so fly!
It’s time to set out, casting out fears, taking no counsels of your fears or discouragement if past failures.
Rather, be bold and courageous, and fly!
Fly, baby, fly, your doting grandma is cheering you on!

48. To a most wonderful grandson, happy birthday to you!
It’s your twenty-first birthday celebration, enjoy yourself with careless abandon.
Have no care today, being an adult itself is a serious enough business, so catch fun!
Embrace your future with all seriousness, do away with childishness.
Puff up your chest, and declare ” I’m a man “.
Be a man of focus and pursue excellence.
Do what’s right always and avoid cutting corners.
The sky is your take-off point, so fly and soar!

49. I celebrate you today, my adorable grandson!
Happy 21st birthday celebration to you, honeypie!
May the Lord crown you with favour and encompass you with blessings.
You will not die young but live to see your children’s children.
I pray that God’s grace will establish you firmly in a great career and home.
Your expectations shall not be cut off in Jesus’ name.

50. Hurrah, it’s my grandson’s twenty-first birthday!
Happy to you, my darling boy!!
Being a man is what you have been groomed for, by your parents.
Being your own man is why you have been encouraged to be independent.
Being a perfect but smart gentleman, was an essential part of your upbringing.
You are brilliant and sharp.
Focused, determined and goal- oriented.
You have it all, may God crown it all with much blessings in Jesus’ name.

Happy 21st Birthday to a Grandson

51. Happy birthday to my grandson.
Love you so much, honey.
As we celebrate your twenty-first birthday today, may you receive outstanding grace for excellence.
The path ahead of you is an exciting one, do not be afraid.
Adulthood is an opportunity to test your abilities and resilience.
When the road is rough, and you get overwhelmed by life’s many issues, don’t give up.
Your parents and grandparents will always welcome you with open arms, hearts and love.
You are never alone.
Thumbs up, my darling!

52. Happy birthday to my dear grandson.
It’s your twenty-first birthday celebration, enjoy yourself to the full.
Now that you are an adult, understand that you are expected to make mistakes and encounter failure in spite of your best intentions.
Don’t quit! Learn a lesson or two, rest if you must but don’t give up.
Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the ability to hold up even when one’s is scared.
May you run your race to your desired destination, my dear.

53. Happy 21st birthday, dear grandson.
As you celebrate today, I pray to God that you will celebrate many more in sound health, love and prosperity.
Your generation and those to come will celebrate you in Jesus’ name.
Have no fear, being a man means, you and God are in charge of your destiny.
Cheers, dear!

54. Happy birthday to my posh grandson.
May your days be long and your joy be full to overflowing.
Twenty-first birthday celebrations are really special occasions, so catch fun and be merry.
It’s time to put all that youthful energy to good use.
Make your plans, pursue them and enjoy the resultant blessings.
Appreciate God and those He uses to get you there.
Also, reach out to those who need your help without wearing yourself out.
God bless you now and forever!

55. Happy 21st birthday to my dear grandson.
You are a treasure!
You are my sunshine!!
You are my delightful gift!!!
As you embark on this new phase, may you receive divine help from above.
Be strong, hopeful and keep the faith.
Keeping faith isn’t devoid of foibles, or missteps.
Rather, learn from your errors and move on.
Love you loads, my Sunshine!

56. Happy birthday to my precious grandson at twenty-one.
Congratulations, my champion!
You are so loving and caring, obedient and humble.
Being an adult and a full-fledged man today fills me with the confidence that you’d do well.
You have all it takes, take charge.
When in doubt, seek good counsel.
Do away with friends that refuse to grow up, wilfully errant and with deviant behaviour from your core values.
May the Lord bless your hustles and bustles and crown it with good success.

57. Happy birthday to my dearest grandson.
As you celebrate your twenty-first birthday and coming of age, may your star continue to shine brilliantly.
May you walk and never stumble. If you stumble, may you not have a fatal fall.
Help will arise for you from Zion and the name of the Lord will be your strong tower in Jesus’ name.
Hip! hip! hip! hurrah!!

58. Goodness, today is my adorable grandson’s birthday!
Congratulations, my Sunshine!!
As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, may the grace of the Lord transform you beyond human comprehension.
May God help you to keep faith with your parents and those who have faith in you, not by being error-free, but by being unchanged in your core values.
Destiny helpers will locate you at every step in Jesus’ name.
I love you, my dearest!

59. Happy birthday to my brilliant grandson on your 21st birthday celebration!
You have always been a determined and serious-minded young man, may you attain astounding success in all your endeavours in this new phase.
May you find a good wife and build a beautiful home.

60. Hey, today is my grandson’s birthday, hurrah!!
Happy 21st birthday to you my ‘young professor’.
As you celebrate this special occasion, may you find grace to fulfil your dreams and achieve a new landmark success in the academic world.
I pray, every hitch in your way will pave the way to get you to the utmost height in your chosen field.
God bless you real good, love!

Happy Twenty-First Birthday Grandson

61. Happy birthday to my brilliant and top notched grandson.
A special day like this brings another opportunity to appreciate you.
You are such an invaluable gift from God, that I treasure every memory of our time together.
You are a high flyer, a bundle of talents, insightful, respectful and obedient.
Being a man is all about maturity and responsibility.
When you are tempted to yield to a negative influence, remember the son of whom you are and hold on to what’s right.
God bless you real good, dear!

64. Happy birthday to a wonderful grandson.
You are a constant reminder of how blessed I am.
You are an epitome of God’s goodness to your parents and me.
I appreciate God for all your noteworthy attributes: hardworking, honourable, honest, conscientious, driven to success without obsessing, dutiful, respectful and teachable. These attributes help you as an adult.
On this occasion of your 21st birthday, I rejoice with you and thank God for keeping you till now.
Cheers, my dear!

63. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
Evidently, you are my heart’s delight.
With just a charming and dimpled smile from you, and grandma’s day is made!
A day of worry disappears into thin air, as soon as you call or visit.
You seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing when something is wrong, and how to make me feel better.
As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, grandma rejoices with you.
May your days be long and your path be smooth in Jesus name.

64. Happy 21st birthday to my baby.
It’s a day of joy, it calls for a celebration.
It’s a time to reflect, so much to be thankful for.
It’s a time of somberness, be mindful of the future you want to build.
As you journey into adulthood, let these be your guide: the fear of God, truth, honour, focus integrity, dedication and hard work.
May the Lord establish you in all your ways in Jesus’ name.

65. Happy birthday to a most lovable grandson.
Ever willing to help;
Ever ready to put a smile on everyone’s face;
Never one to shirk in his duties and responsibilities;
Efficient and effective in any given task;
Trustworthy and reliable;
Responsible and dutiful.
As you celebrate your twenty-first birthday and coming of age today, I’m confident the road ahead shall be smooth sailing for you.
Love you to the moon, my dearest!

66. Happy birthday to my adorable grandson.
Today is your twenty-first birthday, it calls for a grand celebration!
My boy becomes a man, and my dream becomes a reality.
Congratulations, my sweetiepuff!
My heart is overflowing with gratitude: the future we have been dreaming and preparing for diligently, is finally here.
May your fears be tamed and your aspirations become reality, by God’s special grace.
Have fun, love!

67. Happy birthday to my Cherry!
Today, you are twenty years old, and adult.
Hmmm, grandma’s ‘ chubby baby boy’, is now a full-blown adult.
A gentleman, caring and loving.
A pacesetter, always charting a new course in an unfamiliar terrain.
Bold, fearless and confident, always ready to take in a worthy challenge.
Dear ‘boy’, set sail, and ride on and claim your place in destiny.

68. To my dear grandson on your twenty-first birthday: Congratulations and happy to you!
Words fail me in describing the joy that welled up within me because of this special day of yours.
It’s really a time to dance, rejoice and celebrate!
The Lord has spared your life and given you a future of hope and fulfilment.
Being an adult is the road to self-discovery, actualisation and fulfilment if properly negotiated with prayer, hard work, and dedication.
Yours will be a story if extraordinary achievements in Jesus’ name.

69. Happy 21st birthday to a most special grandson.
May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you.
May He grant you favour and good success in all your undertakings.
Congratulations, my dear!

70. A special birthday wishes to an extraordinary grandson on his twenty-first birthday.
Congratulations, my darling!
It’s a new year, a new phase and a new beginning.
Unlimited freedom, absolute independence and power of personal choice comes to play.
May the Lord grant you wisdom, godly counsel and direct you in all the choices you’ll make in the future.
Hip! hip! hurrah!!

71. Happy birthday to my favourite grandson.
I’m so thrilled my ‘lollypop’ is now a full grown adult.
I just want to wish you a very special happy 21st birthday.
As you enter this new phase of self-responsibility, may you find faithful friends, make excellent choices, build precious memories, and happiness.

72. Happy birthday to the world’s best grandson!
Today, you are no longer a baby, but a full grown man, with whiskers, sophisticated, smart, confident, and ready to take the world on.
I know you have it in you to excel in all your endeavours, you have such a great head on your shoulders!
I’m so proud of you, I can’t wait for you to start exploring your new world of possibilities.
The sky isn’t your limit, honey!
Fly, and soar high… Achieve greatness!!

  • Written By Ajala Abiodun.

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