21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

Heartfelt Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Brother in 2020

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Brothers deserve to be keenly celebrated, especially when they are awesome and unequivocally kind at twenty-one

21st Birthday Wishes for Brother

Wish your younger or older brother who will be 21years old today or in the next few hours a happy birthday with these happy 21st birthday messages or wishes for brother.

1. Your voice is soothing
Your words are comforting
Your act is inspiring.
Your smile is priceless
Thanks for being a brother I am proud of
Happy birthday!

2. Of all the people celebrating their birthdays today, you’re the dearest to me. I wish beyond expectations that you meet with peace, love and great food this year!

3. You’re the only 21year old I know with a 30-year-old mind. You’ve proven beyond measure that maturity supersedes age and I’m happy you’re my brother.
Wish you the very best as you become a year older.

4. Days have turned into nights and nights into days but there hasn’t been a moment I’d wish that you were not in my life. May you continually stay alive, strong and sparkling! Happy celebration

5. Whether sun rises or sun sets isn’t a determinant of your shine. You shine all day, every day.
Happy birthday!

6. I’m blessed to know a smart, altruistic, active and soulful 21 years old… It still surprises me sometimes that you’re my own brother. Continue giving me pleasant surprises even as you unfold 21

7. Dear 21,
Expose my dearest brother to all the good tidings 20 was unable to expose him to.
Be joy, peace and love overload.

8. I hope that the days ahead as you embrace 21 today will be manifestations of the hard work in the last 20 years.

9. I actually feel like I met the 21-year-old you some years ago. So, you’re the only anxious one
I hope your anxiety is chuffed by all the good things the year has in store.

10. May the favour and blessing of God be your closest companion as you begin another threshold. Happiest birthday to you!

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Happy 21st Birthday Brother

Your brother is 21years today? It will be a great thing if you can also join the world to celebrate him. The following heart touching 21st birthday quotes for brother will help you do this better.

11. At the age of 21, you have Metamorphosised from a growing child to a grown man. Congratulations on the flawless transformation

12. Happy birthday to you dearest. You will not just hear about God’s goodness this year, you’ll experience it with fervour.

13. I hope you’re savvy enough to know the blessing of God for this season and inclined enough to believe you’re one of the people he’s set to bless. God bless you on your birthday and beyond!

14. God’s blessing is elucidating. It brings clarity and purpose.
I wish you nothing but God’s blessing this year.

Happy 21st Birthday Brother
Happy 21st Birthday Brother

15. Welcome to adult Zone! May all your years in this zone be laced with bliss and glee.
Have a wonderful birthday

16. I have many wishes for you on your birthday but none supersede the thought of God for you which is to have an expected end. May God’s plans stand!

17.Turning 21 is amazingly exciting… I hope you get to enjoy the year with colossal excitement!

18.Whatever God is doing in this season, I wish that he never does without you. May ultimate blessing follow you now as you celebrate your birthday and forever more

19. May God decorate your life with blessings and may your life begin to glitter with pleasant surprises. happy birthday dear…

20. May this new year be an expression of God’s grace and splendour for you and yours. Live long and prosper!

21st Birthday Brother

Send this sweet happy 21st birthday quotes to your cute brother as he is celebrating his 21st born anniversary today.

21. The words in my heart can not really accentuate how well I wish you right now, just take this simple wish of God’s blessing and enjoy as the new year unfolds.

22. I think you’re very blessed and have been a blessing to all. May the blessings of God never relapse in your life. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

23. You’re benevolence, bravery and beauty wrapped in a 21-year-old body. All these graces that come with you are enough reason to be proud of you.
Enjoy your day

21st Birthday Brother
21st Birthday Brother

24. You’re the most amazing disguise yet
My angel in disguise as a brother. I enjoy you being just that…Don’t ever stop!

25. Every stage of your life has been so captivating I have no worries about you travelling through the 21st phase. All I envision is more wonderful wonders.

26. I have this strong faith that 21 is going to be even more mind-blowing than previous wonderful years.

27. You were a miracle at 20. I hope you continue to be at 21 and beyond. Happiest birthday to the world’s best brother.

28. You remind me of God’s joy, the way she doesn’t let circumstances determine her. You’re truly beyond circumstances, don’t doubt.

29. You’re a trailblazer who manages to serve others in the most selfless manner. I am so proud to have your kind as a brother and more proud that you exhibit this beauty at 21.
Have the best 365 days at 21 buddy

30. If loyalty had a face, it’d be you undoubtedly.
You’ve proven that one can have both a brother and a friend in a person in more than million ways.

21st Birthday Messages for Brother

Let your brother know that you can never forget his birthday date by the wishes you send to him as he is marking his 21st birthday today. Make use the following touching happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes to make know your thought for his birthday.

31. Your soul is set in beauty and it only extends joy to anyone who cares to stand close.
I’m so blessed to be one of the closest to your soul brother!

32. I was okay. Just okay. Not good. Not bad.
Then came you my dear brother and mediocre flew.
You’ve made life excellent since your presence.

33. Twenty-one years ago, I didn’t know what to say to you and how to say anything to you.
I knew however that I would care for you until the end of time.
Happy birthday!

21st Birthday Messages for Brother
21st Birthday Messages for Brother

34. Happy birthday, bro! Now that you’re getting older, maybe we’ll argue less and agree more.
Whatever it is, I’ll never love you less

35. Happy birthday to world’s best brother. Thanks for your constant care and unwavering love.

36. Because I have you as a brother, I do not need to ever worry about being alone…
You know best how to bring out the joyful me.
Happiest birthday!

37. You’re a brother who constantly feels my purse with chocolate and my heart with music…
Happy birthday moonlight

38. It’s awesome to watch you grow wiser and better rather than older… I do not have to worry about you because l know you’re only capable of being a success. Happy 21st birthday

39. You’re an old soul in a young body…Nothing you do hints that you’re 21. I marvel at your level of intelligence and maturity. Happy birthday.

40. There’s nothing you do better than putting a smile on my face and making my heart pulsate with Joy.
May joy never cease in your life as you become a year older.

Happy 21st Brother

Make this 21st birthday a remarkable one for your brother by sending him awesome happy birthday quotes for my brother who is turning 21years today.

41. You’re my happiness.
I’m eternally grateful for the birth of you that happened two decades and a year ago. May I not see the death of you.

42. I have known for more than two decades now that you’re an entire blessing I never want to mourn.
Happy birthday baby brother!

43. You are haughtily beautiful and on par with sweetness.
May your beauty glow with age and may your sweetness not be soured.

Happy 21st Brother
Happy 21st Brother

44. You’re one of the people who doesn’t butter me up with fake flattery. You give me facts.
Such a relief to know I never have to worry about being lied to. Thanks and happy birthday!

45. You’re a people person, it’s almost impossible to hate you. Happy birthday to the most awesome 21 years old out there!

46. With you around, my cheek would always hurt from smiling as a result of your outrageous banter. I never want to experience a life without you. Be less naughty at 21

47. Thanks for being a bucket of sunshine. May you emanate more light and exude more greatness at twenty-one!

48. I’m still awed by the miracle a tiny little boy has become. I hope 21 exudes more greatness for you and yours

49.Twenty-one is the new cool. Your charisma, charm and clairvoyance at such age is a big deal.
Sometimes I wish I could be this age again. Happy birthday, brother!

50. There should be an award after two decades of successfully being an amazing Sister to a troublesome boy like you. But if all I get for being amazing is to always have you around, I will forever be elated.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Brother

Be part of the few that will make your brother feel special on his 21st birthday by sending him the following heartfelt happy 21st birthday wishes for my brother.

51. You’ll never have the reason to hang your superman cape as long as I am your sister. You’re extraordinary for life birthday boy!

52. You light up a room with your voice. May the peacefulness about you that’s hard to explain never leave you. Happy birthday

53. Turning 21 is super amazing! I hope you are open-minded enough to enjoy this fun stage of your life.

54. Sweetest brother, thanks for being a reason to smile and a shoulder to lean on at 21. May I get to experience 80 more years with you.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Brother
Happy 21st Birthday to My Brother

55. I hope your journey as a 21-year-old takes you closer to your dream. Enjoy every moment of it!

56. Happy birthday to a selfless jock who turns 21 today. May the aura of excellence never leave you.

57. I’ve never doubted that you have greatness in you. I’m more assured than ever that as you turn 21, the greatness is you booms!

58. Not everyone gets to celebrate their 21st birthday in the 21st century…Only unique people do!
You’re a beautiful uniqueness dude! Happy day.

59. Success is official at 21. Go for the gold, brother!
Happiest birthday to the fiercest, dogged genius!

60. I watched as you took the bull by the horn at 20. I’m so glad I get to watch you rise to glory at 21. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Brother 21st

Let the following 21st birthday quotes for my brother reflect how precious your brother is to you by sending it to him.

61. Whew! It’s the 21st hour of the day, and I feel there’s no better time to celebrate the best brother for his 21st birthday.

62. Everything about you from your face to your soul is precious. I’d hate to see you put them to waste. Be unapologetically you at 21 and beyond!

63. When I was 21, I thought I could be great and here I am, basking!
Your thoughts this age should be geared towards positive things. It’s the first step to greatness. Enjoy your birthday celebration!

Birthday Wishes for Brother 21st
Birthday Wishes for Brother 21st

64. May this year be the start of the greatness you’re destined to become. Enjoy being 21!

65. There’s something about 21 that makes you feel like an achiever maybe because of the numbers you’ve left behind and an anticipator because of the numbers you look forward to conquering. Such an amazing time for a unique person to celebrate an exciting number!

66. You’re already a trailblazer at 21, you’ve already managed to give me so many pleasant surprises and you’re just beginning. Happy birthday man

67. There’s something about how you do your things at twenty one that gives me an assurance of a bright tomorrow… I can envision you telling your grandkids the story behind some of your awards. Happy birthday, brother!

68. My childhood memories are still capable of making me smile in the most unpleasant moment. You have made this possible. Thanks and happy 21st birthday!

69. We’ve been through all moments together. The good, bad and ugly. Moments that have brought us to this beautiful beginning of greater things. What a time to celebrate your 21st birthday!

70. I can not explain how the person that gives me the biggest troubles in the world happens to be the person that gives me the greatest joy! You’re such a precious pain in my ass! Don’t quit on me @ 21.

Written By Adebayo Esther.

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