Happy birthday to me.

50 Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Myself

As much as other people (family, friends, strangers) are important to you, the one who matters the most to you is yourself.

Aside from receiving those packages of gifts and birthday cards from different people, you should also find time for yourself, to reflect on your wishes and maybe make some for yourself just the same. To that, here are some happy birthday wishes that will surely make you smile and show you that only you can make yourself happier on your birthday, even when you think you cannot.

1. Happy birthday to me, at 21. May God take me places I’ve always dreamed of. Amen.

2. Crossing this milestone is a huge success. I bless God for making me see this beautiful year. God please, make me happy, this year! Happy birthday to me.

3. Happy birthday to my humble self. God’s protection is all I ask for, this year, and beyond!

4. Life has taught me so many things… One of which is to love, and be loved. Thank you, everyone, for making the last year, a beautiful one for me. Happy birthday to me.

5. Yaay! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I, a wonderful birthday full of the God’s goodness. Happy birthday to me.

6. Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.

7. I will put a smile on my face and won’t let the troubles of life get to me because it’s my birthday today. Happy birthday to me!

8. Today, I’m going to have fun with my friends and loved ones, because it’s going to be a very beautiful day for me. Happy 21st birthday to me.

9. I’m going to do something really fun and lovely today because it’s my birthday. Thank you, God, for blessing me with another year of life.

10. It’s my birthday, and with God on my side, I shall celebrate and party like tomorrow never exists. Thank you, God.

11. I’m officially 21 today and much sweeter than ever. Happy birthday to me.

12. Today, I’m going to be so selfish and focus all my attention on myself. Today, I make myself my priority. Happy birthday to me, at 21.

13. This special day makes me a year older, wiser and more beautiful/handsome than ever! Happy 21st birthday to me.

14. I’m such an amazing person, that it’s so hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me! Happy birthday to me.

15. Wishing myself the happiest of birthdays. On this special day, I just want to thank God for the precious gift of life, that He has given me and for the wonderful people He surrounds me with. I’m appreciating God at 21.

16. It’s my birthday! I’m getting older and cooler at the same time, which makes me special. This doesn’t often happen to a lot of people.

17. Happy birthday to a person that is beautiful, smart, cool and reminds me a lot of myself. Happy birthday to me at 21.

18. Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it as expected. Happy birthday to me.

19. My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that. Happy birthday to me.

20. Wishing myself a joyous birthday full of God’s unending blessings. Happy 21st birthday to me.

21. My being alive and healthy today is as a result of no other person than the Almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy to see myself at 21.

22. On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year. Happy birthday to me.

23. Today is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest scholars. Happy 21st birthday to me.

24. God’s my only hope. I don’t believe in anyone but Him. Thank God for life. Happy birthday to me.

25. On this special day of mine, I just want to give thanks to the Almighty God for the gift of life and true happiness. I pray that He continues to bless me throughout the year.

26. I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish, simply because I believe in God. Happy birthday to me. By the way, 21 looks good on me!

27. It’s my birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more. You’re free to join in if you want to. Happy birthday to me.

28. On this day, I wish myself a life filled to the brim with success. Happy birthday to me.

29. I celebrate me today because I know I’m special and living my life in God’s grace and favour. Happy birthday to myself.

30. I might not be the richest person in the world or the world’s president but I have happiness, peace of mind, and most importantly the gift of life. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with such wonderful gifts.

31. On my birthday, I celebrate the little but priceless things God has blessed me with. Happy birthday to me at 21.

32. My achievements in the last year’s are worth celebrating, even without my birthday. But today, my birthday, I’m celebrating my successes and achievements. Thank God for everything.

33. So many people are striving to achieve all I have achieved in 21years. God made it possible for me. May God answer the prayers of the hopeless people. Happy birthday to me at 21.

34. Today, my birthday, I am going to the asylum to visit those in need and make them have hope again. This is my own little way of blessing God for life. Happy 21st birthday to me.

35. I celebrate my special day with the realization that I am currently in possession of the most priceless gift on earth i.e, LIFE. Happy birthday to me.

36. It’s my birthday, and I shall rejoice because I know how far God has brought me in this life. May the good Lord be forever praised in my life. Happy birthday to me.

37. Before the avalanche of birthday wishes come in, let me be the first to wish myself a very wonderful birthday. God bless me, and mine. I’m 21 today!

38. I’m excited today because it’s my birthday. Today, I pray for happiness, peace and good success. I know God will answer my prayers. Happy birthday to myself.

39. I’m alive, self-dependent, and beautiful. I’m so very proud of who I am. Happy 21st birthday to my chubby self.

40. On my special day, I just want to wish myself pure happiness that never ends, and the love that knows no bound. Happy birthday to me at 21.

41. I proudly consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in this world, which is why on my birthday, I don’t want to ask God for anything but thank Him for all the good things He has blessed me with over the years. Thank you, Lord.

42. Happy birthday to the lovely me. I am blessed and highly favoured. Thank you, Jesus. Appreciating God at 21.

43. I am thankful to God for blessing me every single second, minute, day, week, month, and year of my life. I’m a truly blessed soul. Happy birthday to me.

44. Today is my birthday, and by God, I shall treat myself like a King/Queen, even if it’s just for one day. Thanking God for life, at 21.

45. I feel deep in my heart that this special day is going to mark the beginning of a wonderful year for me. Happy birthday to me.

46. I just want to thank God for keeping me alive to see this special day of mine. Lord please, keep surprising me. Happy birthday to me at 21.

47. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far. It feels so good to be me. Happy 21st birthday to the beautiful me.

48. As I celebrate my birthday, I ask for God’s blessings in my life. May I be blessed with happiness, good health and prosperity. Happy birthday to me, in Jesus name.

49. I am grateful to God for the gift of life, I am void without him. Also thankful to my earthly parents for nurturing me into the graceful, lovely, and great woman I am today. Happy 21st birthday to me.

50. Happy birthday to me. I wish myself many more years of joy, love, laughter, health and prosperity. I wish myself strength and wisdom for days to come and success with everything I do today, tomorrow, and always!

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