21st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

70 Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Nephew Turning 21 in 2020

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Being an uncle or aunty is tantamount to being a parent and having a nephew is the same as having a son; you want to protect and be there for him when he needs you. It is especially amazing for you as you watch him grow, especially to such a significant age as 21.

Clocking 21 is very significant as it represents crossing over into adulthood from childhood. As an aunt/uncle, this is a great time to throw in that advice that would come in handy in dealing with adulthood as well as wishing him a happy celebration.

Find below happy birthday messages to send to your nephew on his 21st birthday – Happy 21st Nephew.

21st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Wishes your nephew happy birthday as he is clocking 21 years of age this year with this heartfelt happy 21st birthday wishes and quotes for nephew.

1. Let me officially welcome to adulthood, nephew. Welcome to the club. I hope you have a wonderful time being an adult. Happy 21st birthday.

2. Happy 21st birthday to you, nephew. May this day mark the beginning of great things for you.

3. Today is special because you have crossed over to adulthood. But for me, this date, every year is special because it is the day you were born. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

4. You are worth celebrating because you are the best nephew in the world. I am using your 21st birthday to tell you that you are special to me.

5. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. It is a bittersweet feeling for me. I get to see my baby boy become a man but who do I smother with kisses now you are grown?

6. At 21, you are taking the first step away from childhood. Remember that you will not have it all figured out, so go easy on yourself when you make mistakes even as you watch your steps. Happy birthday, nephew.

7. Every year, on your birthday, I am reminded what a special child you are. On your 21st birthday, I wish you more and more blessings.

8. Happy birthday. As you clock this significant age of 21, I wish you the best that life has to offer, nephew.

9. You have been a wonderful grandchild to your grandparents, a sweet child for your parents, an awesome sibling to your siblings and a great-nephew to me. I celebrate you today as you clock 21. Enjoy your day.

10. You are now legally allowed to do a lot because you are 21, don’t forget you will now be held accountable as well. So use it wisely. Happy birthday, nephew.

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Happy 21st Birthday Nephew

Do you have a lovely nephew that is clocking 21 years of age today? Send your wishes to him just by consulting this happy 21st birthday wishes and thought for nephew and put it to use.

11. Hi nephew, on this beautiful day of your 21st birthday, my wish for you is that the year brings good tidings for you. Happy birthday.

12. I wish the blessings of our creator on you as you celebrate your 21st birthday. I wish you an awesome day.

13. Have fun to your heart content; you deserve it. It is not everything that an awesome nephew, such as yourself, clocks 21. Happy birthday.

14. It feels like yesterday when you were brought home from the hospital. And now you are 21. I will advise you to make the wisest decisions because decisions you make from here on out will count. Happy birthday.

15. You give me hope that my son is going to turn out alright, seeing that he has such a good example in his cousin. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

16. Happy 21st birthday, lovely nephew. You make it easy being an uncle/aunty.

17. You have always been as much a son to me as you have been to your parents even though I am your aunt/uncle. And I am so glad to witness your 21st birthday. Happy birthday, son.

18. When you make a wish while blowing the candles over your cake, I pray it goes straight to the ears of God and be as you want it. Happy birthday, my most-cherished nephew.

19. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. You have always been a responsible child. I rest assured you will be an even more responsible adult. Have a blast.

20. A new birthday signifies a new hope. A 21st birthday is even more of a new beginning. Time to make new memories and new decisions towards the future. Happy birthday, nephew.

21st Birthday Nephew

Let this 21st birthday be a landmark for your nephew as he is celebrating his 21st birthday today. All you need to do is to send the following touching happy 21st birthday messages and quotes for nephew to him.

21. Happy 21st birthday to you, nephew. May today and every other day be good to you.

22. Happy 21st birthday to you. You have a reached the legal age today. Always remember that the fact that it is legal does not make it right.

23. 21 come only once, you will probably be looking forward to 25 after today. Make sure every moment counts. Happy birthday, nephew.

24. That warm feeling you felt when you woke up this morning; that was me, sending warm hugs your way on your 21st birthday. Thank you for making my job as an aunt/uncle easier.

25. I am so happy about today. You clock 21 today, nephew. I wish all the happiness in the world because you deserve it.

26. I am going to miss spoiling you silly now you are 21. I am happy the lessons I taught you will remain you do. Have a fun-filled birthday, nephew.

27. May you experience an outpouring of love and blessings as you celebrate your 21st birthday, nephew. Have a blast.

28. Happy birthday, nephew. May you live long and prosper all the days of your long life.

29. Happy birthday, nephew. My wish for you is that years from today, when you look back at your 21st birthday, you will not be filled with regret but joyfulness about a beautiful life.

30. You have always been a source of joy to everybody you come across. I pray that your life will not lack joy. Happy 21st.

21st Birthday Wishes for My Nephew

Celebrate your nephew who is turning 21 today in a different way, send this lovely birthday quotes and wishes for nephew clocking 21.

31. Yeah, steadily, you are getting older. I wish you more strength for greatness, my best nephew. Happy 21st.

32. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. My heartfelt prayer for you is that your life will be one of impact.

33. Life comes with ups and downs. As you clock 21 today, I pray you experience more ups than downs.

34. I wish you sunshine to brighten your nights, friends to support you and grace to make your dreams come true. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

35. Just like the eagle soars with ease, so may you continue to soar to greatness. I wish you a lovely 21st birthday, nephew.

36. Because you are the best nephew in the world, then you are getting the best life in the world. Have a wonderful 21st birthday celebration.

37. Clocking 21 is special and it is a feat that you have been able to achieve. May your life story be full of victory. Happy birthday, nephew.

38. Happy birthday, nephew. Right from when you were a baby, you have always been full of smiles. As you clock 21 today, I pray that life gives you more reasons to smile.

39. Happy 21st birthday. May your life flourish like a tree planted by the riverside.

40. Remembering today is your birthday really made me happy and I could not wait to wish you happy birthday. I wish you a beautiful 21st birthday, nephew.

Happy 21st Birthday to My Nephew

Be the first to celebrate your nephew on his 21st birthday with the following heartfelt happy birthday wishes and quotes for nephew on his 21st birthday.

41. I hope I am the first person to wish you happy birthday. 21st birthday is a milestone, make sure to enjoy it.

42. More than the gifts you will be showered with today, I pray that your life will keep blossoming. Happy 21st birthday.

43. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. May you be enriched with the wisdom necessary to deal with adulthood.

44. My little boy of yesteryears is now a man and I am so proud. A very big happy birthday to you, from your favourite aunt/uncle.

45. Happy 21st birthday to you, my nephew. My heartfelt wish for you is that all your wishes do come to pass.

46. Even as you transcend into adulthood, make sure you dream big because I have sent a prayer above for your dreams to come true. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

47. Happy birthday to you, nephew. No wonder the day seems brighter today. 21 years ago, a beautiful boy was born.

48. You are moving to the real world. I wish you a smooth ride ahead. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

49. From the moment I held you as a baby, I knew you were a special child. And you are yet to prove me wrong, even 21 years later today. I wish you a blissful birthday, my special nephew.

50. As you clock 21 today, nephew, I wish you a great day, a greater year and the greatest years ahead. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for a Nephew Turning 21

Bring the surprise your nephew is waiting for on his 21st birthday to feasibility with the following sweet 21st birthday wishes and messages for nephew.

51. Happy 21st birthday to my nephew. I am sure you know you are loved because I love you like my own son. I hope you enjoy your day and every other day ahead.

52. Today is your 21st birthday and as your aunty/uncle, I could not be more proud. I hope you understand that with adulthood, comes responsibility and you take yours serious. Have a great day.

53. I experienced all your firsts; word, steps, teeth and even day at school. And I am glad to be experiencing your first day as an adult. Happy 21st, nephew.

54. The moment you were born, I had a best friend, who is also more like a son. That is why I am also celebrating today because you are. Happy 21st birthday from a proud aunt/uncle to a cute nephew.

55. I am so proud of the young man you are growing up to be, from the little boy you were. It gives me peace that you have got a hang of this adult thing. I wish you the best birthday, nephew.

56. Laugh, smile, be happy, have fun! It is your 21st birthday and my splendid nephew deserves the world.

57. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. Remember to look forward to the future with positivity because it is yours for the taking.

58. May the journey ahead be filled with great testimonies. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

59. Happy birthday, nephew. Life is not worth living if it is without impact. Seek to touch the lives of people as you start the journey into adulthood today.

60. We have heard the most beautiful memories for 21 years. I hope that your life continues to be sweet. Happy birthday, nephew.

Birthday Wishes for 21 Year Old Nephew

Make the heart of your nephew glad on sighting your text messages on his birthday with these amazing birthday quotes for nephew’s 21st birthday.

61. Try not to hurt yourself in the business of turning 21. Tomorrow is still there, waiting. Happy birthday, nephew.

62. Happy 21st birthday to such an awesome nephew. I am so excited about your future.

63. Happy 21st birthday, nephew. I wish you success in all that you do.

64. I know you are going to get a lot of gifts, make sure you enjoy it because you deserve it. Happy 21st birthday, lovely nephew.

65. Enjoy yourself, have fun. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest but remember wisdom is profitable to direct. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

66. I love my role as an uncle/nephew more because of you. I celebrate you today on your 21st birthday and every other day. Have a marvellous day.

67. Happy birthday, nephew. You have crossed one milestone of 21. May you cross more milestones in your journey through life.

68. The best of wishes to the son born to my brother/sister on his 21st birthday. You are always loved.

69. You will always remember this day of your transitions into adulthood, so make sure it is well spent. Happy birthday, lovely nephew.

70. Some babies were born and made a significant difference in their family. You were one of such babies. Continue to live a purposeful life. Happy 21st birthday, nephew.

Written By Ayandola Ayanleke.

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